Polymeric Delivery Platforms

Polymeric Delivery Platforms

Polymeric platform for delivery of large molecules

The SynBiosys® biodegradable polymer platform makes it possible to create injectable sustained release formulations for virtually any class of biological API, eliminating pharmaceutical development hurdles. SynBiosys® encapsulates proteins and large peptides at high concentrations under gentle process conditions, preserving protein integrity and bioactivity, and can be used for a variety of final drug products.

Key features of the SynBiosys® platform include:

  • Suitability for subcutaneous, intramuscular, and site-specific injectable formulations in the form of microparticles and implants with high API doses up to 100 mg/mL
  • Duration and rate of API release can be modulated as required, ranging from a few weeks to six months
  • Robust and scalable production with high yields and absolute control over particle size (5-100 µm)
  • Clinically validated
  • Supported by extensive biocompatibility and toxicity data packages, as well as in vivo biocompatibility and degradation data