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Custom Assay Development & Innovation (CADI) Services

Your R&D breakthroughs depend on reliable, high-performing products and services. With our decades of custom assay development expertise and ability to produce high-quality, reproducible immunoassays, we can help accelerate your program from discovery research into clinical trials with assay development services for custom ultrasensitive Single Molecule Counting (SMC®) assays, custom MILLIPLEX® multiplex assays for Luminex® instruments, and custom ELISAs as well as sample testing on the SMC® platform. When you do not have the time or resources to develop and manufacture an immunoassay for your target(s) of interest, our Custom Assay Development & Innovation (CADI) team will partner with you to develop a project specific to your biomarker research requirements.

Custom Assays are Your Solution for:

  • Ongoing and/or multi-site studies where assay performance over time is critical
  • Adapting existing assays to new platforms for high performance, high-throughput, and automation
  • Combining a large number of, or a new variety of, analytes
  • New analyte development using your standards and antibodies or available reagents screened by our team

Regardless of your project needs, we take the same care in building your complete custom immunoassay as we do our catalog offerings. CADI provides innovative, best-in-class solutions to meet your specific immunoassay requirements and accelerate your research with the best possible data.

Learn more about our CADI services and custom assay capabilities.

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Leverage Our Custom Assay Services to Save Time and Resources

  • Biomarker immunoassay development from reagent screening to manufacturing
    • For new analytes 
    • For new multiplex panels
      • New analytes with existing MILLIPLEX® analytes
      • New combinations of existing MILLIPLEX® analytes
    • For new sample types
  • Assay conversions
    • From 96-well to 384-well MILLIPLEX® assays
    • From plate-based to bead-based SMC® assays
    • From MILLIPLEX® assay to SMC® assay for even greater sensitivity
  • Biotherapeutic assay development
    • To detect immunogenicity
    • To measure pharmacokinetics
    • To assess pharmacodynamics
  • Sample testing on the SMCxPRO® platform
    • With prototype or commercially available SMC® assays
    • With early-access SMC® immunoassays like our High Sensitivity miRNA-122 Liver Injury Detection Assay

Discover more details about our custom capabilities in this article on CADI services, or get answers to common questions in our CADI FAQs article

Custom Assay Project Workflow When You Partner With CADI

From beginning to end, your assay development journey will be an interactive, iterative process as you work closely with our team to meet your research goals. As the workplan is created, your sales specialist will listen to your needs to define the project scope. Our R&D scientists will then evaluate the project and deliver a realistic feasibility assessment with timelines towards project completion. If necessary, they will also provide recommendations based on our expertise to ensure you get a reliable, high-quality custom assay. As each milestone is reached, the CADI team will review data with you to confirm your specifications and schedule are met. Each kit will come with all necessary reagents and a complete protocol.


Submit request information form with brief description of project requirements

Step 1: Submit Request Info Form

Submit the form on this page with your contact information and a brief description of your project requirements.

    Work with sales specialist to receive workplan and quote

    o   Work with your local sales specialist to receive a workplan and quotation.

      Place purchase order and participate in project kickoff

      Place a purchase order and participate in the project kickoff call.

        Participate in data reviews to confirm specs and timelines

        Participate in data reviews to confirm specifications and schedules.

          Order custom kit with all reagents and custom protocol

          Order kits containing all necessary reagents and the custom protocol.

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