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GMP compliant solutions for process monitoring in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Two scientists wearing cleanroom attire discuss microbiology quality control (QC) test data

Because patient safety matters, the manufacture of pharmaceutical products is performed under strictly controlled conditions. Microbial monitoring is an important part of GMP regulatory compliance, used to prove that the manufacturing process is under control, especially in aseptic production. The risk-based implementation of sampling plans, as well as the subsequent trend analysis of monitoring results, helps to detect deviations from qualified status, prepare root cause analysis, and follow up with appropriate corrective action and preventive action (CAPA).

Microbial monitoring of cleanrooms, isolators and RABS

We offer a broad portfolio of products and instruments for microbial monitoring of aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing, including:

  • Convenient, ready-to-use (RTU) 55 mm and 90 mm agar plates, also in rapid transfer bags
  • All-in-One ICR Swabs minimizing cross-contamination risks
  • Viable air samplers for ambient air and compressed gas testing

Furthermore, to ease your workflows, we provide specific concepts for monitoring of isolators and restricted access barrier systems (RABS). In addition to solutions for classical environmental monitoring, we have irradiated granulated as well as ready-prepared culture media for aseptic process simulations.

Environmental monitoring services

All our portfolios are supported by a broad range of services, embodying our ambition to remain one step ahead of customer demands and expectations. Benefit from our all-around services offer, performed by certified service engineers, that covers:

  • Validation protocols and on-site IQ/OQ service
  • Training
  • Maintenance and service plans
  • Traceability and calibration accuracy

Discover our Environmental Monitoring Solution

Contact our experts to request more information on environmental monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. 

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We have extensive knowledge about the workflow of environmental monitoring in pharmaceutical manufacturing areas. We fulfil all requirements requested for microbiological methods in the various GMP guidance’s as well as related in norms such as ISO 14698, EN 17141 and ISO 14644 by proven documentation. 


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