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Photometric Analysis with Spectroquant® Instruments & Test Kits

Spectroquant® photometers and accessories designed for quantitative analysis of environmental parameters

We offer an extensive range of all-in-one solutions including high-quality test kits, reliable instruments, customized applications, and start-to-finish analytical quality assurance (AQA) for secure analysis.

To perform a photometric analysis, you require a test kit to perform a chemical reaction in a cuvette and a photometer to read the result. We furthermore provide guided AQA and ready-to-use reference materials to ensure an immaculate performance of your analytical system. Beyond other accessories, we also provide the Prove connect software to seamlessly transfer data from your Prove instrument to a LIMS.

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Spectroquant® Instruments

Spectroquant® Instruments, Software and Accessories

Whether it’s water, food, or environmental analysis, the three most important features in a spectrophotometer are simplicity, security, and durability. Our wide selection of Spectroquant® products perfectly unites these features and are easily available to meet the range of your testing needs.

NEW Spectroquant® Systems

  • Our NEW Spectroquant® Prove plus range of spectrophotometers are specifically designed for the chemical analysis of drinking water, wastewater, and process water. The Prove line includes the Spectroquant® Prove 100 plus, Prove 300 plus, and Prove 600 plus, catering to routine, sensitive, and complex analyses, respectively. These high-quality smart devices are engineered to provide reliable results with exceptional sensitivity, tailored to meet the demands of your specific application. Discover the power of our high-quality smart devices and experience accurate analysis like never before. Just Prove it!
    • Spectroquant® Prove provides a broad range of pre-programmed methods for special applications such as color determination, ICUMSA determination, or brewery methods according to MEBAK, EBC, or ASBC for the analyses throughout the brewing process.
    • Spectroquant® Prove Connect to LIMS software enables an easy and automated transfer of experimental data from your Spectroquant® Prove plus spectrophotometer to your electronic lab system, i.e., LIMS.
  • Spectroquant® Move colorimeters are compact, portable, and robust, made for on the go reliable testing. Move instruments are dust-tight and waterproof according to IP 68 classification. When coupled with the Spectroquant® Data Transfer accessory, you can quickly transmit or print the data easily.
    • Spectroquant® Move 100 is a handheld colorimeter that offers an innovative solution for rapid onsite testing, thus, prevents deterioration or contamination of your sample. Move 100 performs over 100 pre-programmed and 35-user defined methods for drinking and wastewater analysis. Our Spectroquant® Verification Standard is designed to calibrate the Spectroquant® Move 100 colorimeter to generate consistent results.
    • Spectroquant® Move DC, this portable colorimeter provides rapid results for 5 key parameters in disinfection control: chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, cyanuric acid, and pH.
  • Spectroquant® Photometer Services Our comprehensive service plans offer a variety of essential maintenance and repair services, which can be customized to your requirements. Download free updates and save time keeping our pre-programmed methods up to date while unlocking new features to improve usability for your laboratory. Find the latest free software listed.

  • Spectroquant® Thermoreactors are designed to achieve every conceivable requirement for reliable sample preparation. This unit is optimized for use with Spectroquant® digestion reagents and delivers a rapid thermal pretreatment as required e.g., with the COD digestion method or your Crack Sets.

  • Turbidimeter: Turbidity is an important measurement of total suspended solids in wastewater. Our turbidimeters are portable and ideal for on-the-spot analysis. Check the methods you need to follow and chose the respective model. Both instruments can be calibrated using the respective Turbiquant™ Calibration Standard Set.
    • Turbiquant™ 1100 IR Turbidimeter The battery-operated Turbiquant® 1100 IR portable turbidimeter is particularly suited for on-the-spot measurements. The robust carrying case and the waterproof casing offer additional protection. The turbidimeter contains an IR-LED (infrared) light source with a wavelength of 860 nm for standard-compliant measurements according to EN ISO 7027. Within seconds, the nephelometric turbidity of a sample (NTU/FNU) can be measured. The instrument can be calibrated using the respective Turbiquant Calibration Standard Set.
    • Turbiquant™ 1100 T Turbidimeter With its Tungsten lamp the Turbiquant 1100 T portable turbidimeter offers numerous benefits for your wastewater analyses. It is battery operated and portable for fast results in the field. It is also durable, with a waterproof casing and sturdy carrying case to handle any testing condition. Turbiquant® 1100 T turbidimeters are accurate and compliant according to USEPA 180.1 to meet environmental regulations.
Spectroquant<sup>®</sup> Test Kits

Spectroquant® Test Kits

Spectroquant® Test Kits deliver swift, secure, and accurate photometric analysis. Our ready-to-use test kits are optimized for routine and special analysis to produce reliable results.

Through stringent controls of raw materials, processes, and documentation, we ensure the consistent high quality of our tests – and the accuracy of your results.

The 2D barcode system (Live-ID) enables automated recognition of the appropriate method when using Spectroquant® Prove plus or NOVA instruments and thereby eliminates possible handling errors. The Live‑ID with Spectroquant® Prove plus provides additional information like shelf life or batch-ID that is directly transferred to the instrument and saved with the measurement results to further improve your QA.

All Spectroquant® Test Kits are compatible with the Spectroquant® Prove plus, Nova, and Move family of instruments and accessories. The Spectroquant® Cell test kits are composed of pre-filled 16 mm cuvettes and a minimum of additional reagents for highest convenience. Spectroquant® Reagent test kits provide the barcode information on a dedicated auto selector and the measurement is performed in standard rectangular cuvettes with pathlengths up to 100 mm.

We are now using Ccycled™ EPS material for our Spectroquant® Cell test boxes instead of traditional EPS, thereby reducing the CO2 footprint of our products in an effort to become more sustainable.

Following recognized standards like US EPA, ISO, and others

Contaminated water is harmful to humans and the environment. Regulatory bodies like US EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), World Health Organization (WHO), EU, and other regulators have set official testing methods for drinking water and wastewater. To provide more convenient, while still reliable methods for users, rapid test methods following recognized standards (ISO, USEPA, and others) were developed. Respective certifications like ISO accordance or equivalency to EPA methods assure users that the ready-to-use Spectroquant® test kits deliver comparable results so they can be used to comply with national regulations.

Request the US EPA equivalency documentation for Spectroquant® methods.

Learn more about the Safe Drinking Act and Clean Water Act.

Spectroquant® Methods on Photometers from other Manufacturers

Our validated, standard-compliant reagents kits are pre-programmed for use with Spectroquant® instruments to ensure rapid, reliable results. However, if you already have a photometer in your lab and want to experience the outstanding quality and reliability of the Spectroquant® test kit series, we can provide you with the Programming Data.

In selected countries, we collaborate with METTLER TOLEDO where our ready-to-use Spectroquant® test kits can be used with their UV5 spectrophotometer. To enable the seamless use of our selected Spectroquant® Cell Tests, the methods were preprogrammed on the devices and a special Test Tube Holder for round cells was developed for the UV5 Spectrophotometer and can be purchased at METTLER TOLEDO. Please note, that this collaboration may not be active in your country.

Spectroquant® AQA

Spectroquant® Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA)

Comprehensive quality assurance will transform your measurements into proven and verifiable analytical results. Our extended portfolio offers standard solutions (RMs), ideal for quality control of photometric methods, standards, and the Spectroquant® Test Kits. The Spectroquant® standards are perfectly fitting qualified standards for your routine analysis, method validation, internal quality control (IQC), and accreditation when using the Spectroquant® photometric testing system.

Diluted Standard Solutions. No Dilution. No Doubts. No Delays. Just Precision.

  • Covering all parameters for Internal Quality Control (IQC) in photometric analysis of wastewater, drinking water and process water.
  • Both, single-parameter and CombiCheck standard solutions available meeting your application needs.
  • Prediluted standard solutions are available in varying concentrations and therefore can be used directly without additional dilution steps.
  • Traceable to standard reference materials (SRM) from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or to United States Pharmacopeia (USP).
  • Detailed certificates (COA) available, including batch-specific parameters, exact concentration, expanded measurement uncertainty, and more.
  • Ideal for validating International Norm Methods: ISO, EN, APHA and EPA. Calculate your working tolerance to meet ISO 17025.


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