Biochemicals directly impact the quality and reproducibility of your results. Buffers, detergents, antibiotics, and substrates are indispensable for any laboratory. Each technique or workflow in molecular biology, cellular analysis, chromatographic separation, and protein detection requires specific biochemicals with specific characteristics. Our biochemicals are competitively priced, and backed by our superior customer service and commitment to quality.    

A close-up view of a blue-lit laboratory setting. The focus is on a small, glowing rectangular object that emits a pinkish-red light. The object is placed on top of another piece of equipment with a dark surface.

We offer a wide range of agarose products with various gel strengths, melting temperatures, gelling temperatures, and electroendosmosis (EEO) levels to support your research applications.

An illustration of a cellular process. On the left side, the interior of the cell’s nucleus is depicted, with a segment of DNA unraveling and being transcribed into RNA. The RNA strand is shown exiting through a nuclear pore complex, represented as a purple structure with holes. On the right side, outside the nucleus, various stylized molecules and proteins in different shapes and colors indicate complex cellular activity. The background is white with soft shadows cast by the molecular structures.
Amino Acids

We have a comprehensive offering of high-purity amino acids and derivatives important to metabolomic pathways and protein structure for your research needs.

A close-up view of a chain of spherical purple objects against a blurred background of similar objects. The spheres are clustered together in a string-like formation, reminiscent of a molecular structure or bacteria chain. Each sphere has a textured surface, giving it a realistic appearance. The background consists of numerous smaller, out-of-focus spheres creating an impression of depth and multitude. There is a bright light source in the center background that illuminates the scene with a soft glow, enhancing the purple hue

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of antibiotics to prevent contamination of cell cultures through pathogens or other cell lines, for genetic marker selection and cell biology research.

Illustration of lipids forming membrane around living cell with hydrophobic tails projecting inward and their polar head groups projecting outwards.
Avanti® Polar Lipids

We provide Avanti® Polar Lipids high-purity lipids, adjuvants, and equipment for lipidomics research solutions for complex therapeutic drugs and next generation mRNA vaccines.

A thermometer measuring the temperature of a clear blue liquid in a glass container.
Biological Buffers

Our extensive portfolio of high-purity biological buffers in various formulation and packaging formats provide superior solution stability and pH control throughout your bioprocess workflow applications.

A modern laboratory setting with a microscope in the foreground and various scientific equipment like test tubes, beakers, and flasks in the background.

Our broad portfolio of highly pure carbohydrates are used widely as supplements to cell culture media and as building blocks in glycan and glycoconjugate synthesis. 

A digital illustration of a molecule model with spherical atoms connected by rods, representing bonds, against a gradient blue and purple background.
Chelating & Reducing Agents

Choose from our wide range of reducing agents and chelating agents for all your research needs in biochemistry and proteomics, such as protein denaturation and solubilization.

A colorful 3D molecular model depicting various elements of a protein structure with alpha helices in blue, beta sheets in green and yellow, and complex folded structures in orange and red. The detailed atomic structure of a segment is shown with spheres representing atoms connected by sticks to illustrate bonds.

Our portfolio of high-quality coenzymes reliably facilitate the function of enzymes and catalyze reactions for your research applications. 

Close-up image of colorful circular shapes and bubbles with a vibrant combination of red, yellow, and green hues.

Biological detergents and surfactants, including REACH-compliant biodegradable alternatives, are available for cell lysis, DNA/RNA electrophoresis, Western blotting, transfection, and many other life science research applications.

Illustration of the SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein in green on a white background, depicting the structure of the protein responsible for virus attachment to human cells.

Explore our wide selection of glycoconjugates, including proteoglycans, glycoproteins, and glycolipids, for all of your applications in glycobiology research.

Laboratory glassware and a petri dish containing a white substance.
High-Purity Biochemicals and Reagents

A broad range of ultrapure biochemicals available as BioUltra, BioXtra, and BioPerformance certified grades. Minimal to no trace metal/elemental impurities and free of DNase, RNase, Protease, NICKase. 

Abstract representation of lipids forming a patterned structure with spherical shapes in shades of yellow and orange, against a dark background with out-of-focus white light spots suggesting a microscopic or molecular view.

We offer high-quality lipids, including fatty acids, glycerides, sphingolipids and bioactive lipids, for all your lipid analysis needs, from isolation and separation to identification and quantification.

An automated pipetting machine dispensing a green liquid into a tray of multiple wells, with test tubes and lab equipment in the background.
Metabolism Assay Kits

We offer a broad range of metabolism assay kits for the convenient and dependable analysis of metabolites and enzymes for all your research applications.

A clear plastic 96-well microplate used for laboratory experiments, with visible numbering along the side from 2 to 7.
Metabolite Libraries

We provide small molecule metabolite libraries and kits with a comprehensive range of primary metabolite compounds covering key metabolic pathways for your metabolomics research.

A person’s hand wearing a blue glove, holding a pipette and working with small plants. The pipette is dispensing a liquid onto one of the small green plants. There are multiple small green plants arranged in rows, in a laboratory environment.
Natural Products

Our portfolio of natural products features isolated and purified phytochemical compounds from botanical sources to advance your research endeavors.

Illustration of a DNA molecule with its double helix structure on the left and an expanded view of the nucleotide pairs connected by hydrogen bonds on the right, labeled with their respective names: Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine, along with sugar and phosphate groups forming the backbone.
Nucleosides & Nucleotides

We offer an unparalleled selection of natural and synthetic nucleosides, nucleotides, oligonucleotides, and their analogs to support your scientific breakthroughs in cell biology and drug discovery.

A laboratory setting with a focus on food science and analysis, featuring a person in lab coat and gloves handling test tubes near fresh vegetables with digital graphics of molecular structures and data overlaid.

We offer a broad portfolio of vitamins for research in cell function, cell growth, and cell regeneration in living organisms and their role in nutrition, health, and disease.

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