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Digital Reference Materials

ChemisTwin Digital Reference Online Platform

ChemisTwin is an online platform for automated NMR spectra interpretation and quantification (feature in development), supported by a comprehensive database of digital Reference Materials (dRMs). Digital Reference Materials are digital records of physical reference materials measurement data intended to be used by our smart algorithm as the reference for your analysis. dRMs are a convenient and consistent way you can ensure the quality of your results. Our dRMs are traceable to their equivalent well characterized physical reference materials. If available, these physical materials are Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) we are certifying according to ISO 17034*.

  • Save time and effort by using an automated guided workflow
  • Ensure accuracy with automated interpretation between Reference and Sample Materials
  • Device independent solution, compatible with all major NMR devices (200 MHz or higher is recommended).
  • Eliminate the need for finding the correct reference for your samples, with an immediately available verified dRMs database
  • Stay audit-ready with traceable test results and automatic report generation

*When available, the highest quality grade of the physical equivalent product is always chosen and stated on each dRMs information sheet. 

Access a validated digital spectral database of common ISO 17034 qualified Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) available with us.
Access a Database of Digital Reference Materials produced by Merck

The continuously extended database consists of electronic spectra of the most common Reference Materials, measured and validated by our NMR specialists. Each dRM is traceable to our catalogue of physical Certified Reference Materials*.

Interactive workflows for identification and quantification of compounds by nuclear resonance magnetic (NMR) and quantitative NMR analyses based on Pulcon method.
Follow Workflow for NMR Analysis

After completing the NMR analysis of your sample, you can follow a guided workflow for fully automatic identification.

Confirm the structure of a compound automatically by comparing it with an existing reference for a quick online analysis.
Automatically Confirm the Structure of your Compound

ChemisTwin contains a list of digital Reference Materials for immediate, online analysis interpretation. Select a reference, you can also choose to search the entire library and the comparison is completed in seconds!**

Effortlessly generate and share all your NMR & qNMR test data and reports with your colleagues
Generate and Share Reports

Review your output reports with all test information and easily share with colleagues.

Save the test documents and reports to your profile and easily access them anytime for Audit.
Easily Access Documentation for Audits

Your test results are saved to your profile and are accessible from your dashboard at any time. 

*When available, the highest quality grade of the physical equivalent product is always chosen and stated on each dRMs information sheet
** depending on your internet speed, a targeted search including comparison should be completed in less than 20 seconds, a library search may take longer.


After filling out and submitting the registration form below, you will get access to the portal and can try out the portal without commitment for 45 free measurements analysis.

If you would like to experience the full use of this service, select the quote option below or contact us to individually discuss your companies needs and find the best suited license for you.

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