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NMR Deuterated Solvent Properties Reference Chart

Common Solvent Peak Coupling and Chemical Shift Values

Use the chart below to look up the coupling values — JHD and JCD(JCF) distance between multiplet peaks in hertz (Hz) — and chemical shift delta values — ðH(Mult)b and ðc(Mult)b in parts per million (ppm) — of NMR solvents by name or CAS number. Molecular weight, density (25 °C), melting point (mp), and boiling point (bp) are also given.

NMR Solvents Reference Data

a Melting and boiling points (in °C) are those of the corresponding natural abundance compound (except for D2O) and are intended only to indicate the useful liquid range of the materials. b The multiplicity “br” indicates a broad peak without resolvable fine structure, while “m” denotes a broad peak with fine structure.
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