Guide RNAs

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Order Guaranteed Predesigned CRISPR gRNAs

  • Synthetic SygRNA® gRNAs available in two-part (crRNA:tracrRNA) or one-part sgRNA formats.
  • Perfect for animal model generation and cell model engineering.
  • Recommended to complex with Cas9 protein.
  • Lentivirus gRNAs are available as ready-to-use lentivirus transduction particles.
  • Perfect for difficult-to-transfect or primary cells.
  • Plasmid DNA transfection-grade plasmid gRNAs available in a variety of vectors.
  • Perfect for transfection, nucleofection, and lentiviral packaging (Note: lentiviral packaging can only be achieved by selecting a lentiviral vector).
  • In Vitro Transcribed RNA is provided in DNase-, RNase-, and protease-free molecular-grade water.


  • Click on the CRISPR Design Tool to get started.
  • Select your desired genome, choose your gene of interest, and set parameters for the designs.
  • View and export a list of ranked gRNAs.

Order Your CRISPR gRNAs

  • Click on the Order gRNAs button and upload your gRNA sequences.
  • Choose the format: Synthetic gRNA, Transfection-grade plasmid DNA, Lentiviral transduction particles, or IVT gRNA.
  • Customize the vector and configuration.
  • Visit the CRISPR Essentials page to compare options.
  • Purchase clone quantities to receive additional discounts.

*We are so confident in the performance of our SygRNA® products, that we fully guarantee the quality and performance of any guide we produce, including custom sequences. If your SygRNA® guides do not yield detectable cleavage at the intended target site, we will provide you a one-time replacement, free of charge. To qualify for this guarantee, please send an image or sequencing data from a single experiment demonstrating detectable cleavage using one of our positive controls, side-by-side with the negative results from your SygRNA® guide.To receive your replacement, simply email us here and include sample data from a representative experiment (T7E1, TIDE, or NGS).

Cas9 Products

  • Proteins — Choose from the largest portfolio of Cas9 proteins available for any application.
  • Plasmid DNA — Cas9 expression plasmids utilize the CMV promoter for effective, transient expression. Available with and without fluorophore and antibiotic selection elements.
  • Lentivirus — Select Cas9-expressing lentivirus transduction particles, with blasticidin or neomycin resistance.
  • CRISPR Modulation – CRISPR activation and inhibition (CRISPRa/CRISPRi) utilize catalytically dead (dCas9) to allow gain and loss of function studies to complement your knockout research.

CRISPR Screening Tools: Lentiviral Libraries, Collections, and Panels

Sanger Whole Genome Knockout (KO) Arrayed CRISPR Libraries — R&D 100 Award Winner

Your solution for screening the human and mouse whole genomes for drug discovery or target identification.

  • Over 74,000 individual off-the-shelf CRISPR gRNAs designed to maximize KO of every protein-coding gene in human and mouse genomes.
  • Available as individual clones, gene panels, and whole genome libraries.
  • Learn more about Sanger Arrayed CRISPR Libraries.

Sanger QuickPick™ KO gRNAs

Order off-the-shelf KO gRNAs from the award-winning Sanger Whole Genome KO Arrayed CRISPR Libraries.

  • A fast, cost-efficient way to quickly knock out your gene of interest.
  • Available formats:
    • Bacteria Glycerol Stocks
    • Plasmid DNA
    • Lentiviral transduction particles

Whole Genome KO Pooled Libraries

  • GeCKO v2 CRISPR Knockout Pooled Libraries
  • Available for human and mouse genomes
    • Vector options: lentiCRISPRv2 (Cas9+gRNA on same vector); lentiGuide-Puro (gRNA-only vector)
    • Whole Genome Lentiviral CRISPR Pool

Pooled CRISPR Screening with 10x Genomics Compatibility

  • Custom CRISPR lentiviral pools built to any specifications with 10x Genomics compatibility for analysis at single-cell resolution
  • Perfect for honing in on candidates after whole-genome screening. Our optimized lentiviral vectors allow tracking of both gene expression and gene perturbation in the same assay for functional phenotype characterization

Whole Genome Activator Libraries

Synergistic Activation Mediators (SAM) are potent transcriptional activation protein complexes. The SAM CRISPRa system uses CRISPR-Cas9-mediated guidance to target SAM components to gene promoters, enabling site-specific transcriptional activation of a gene of interest.

Deconvolution Services

10x Genomics compatible CRISPR pools

Controls and Companion Products

  • Controls — Positive and negative controls in plasmid and lentiviral formats, available in a variety of vector options.
  • TracrRNA — Chemically modified and unmodified versions required to pair with crRNA.
  • Transfection Reagents — Transfection/delivery products for use with Sigma-Aldrich® plasmid DNA, Synthetic RNA, and Cas9 Ribonucleoprotein (RNP) Complexes.
  • Lentiviral Packaging Mix — Recommended for packaging Lenti-CRISPR plasmid DNA into pseudo-typed lentiviral particles for downstream transduction applications.
  • CRISPR Integration Kit — Includes a validated CRISPR that cleaves DNA with high efficiency and a standardized oligo donor designed to survey homology dependent repair frequencies in a wide variety of cell lines.
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