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Bioprocessing Automation and Control Software

Female scientist in lab coat using laptop using control software to automate, monitor, and control a bioprocess unit operation

Bioprocesses are inherently variable and therefore maintaining conditions on a unit operation within a desired range requires carefully adjusting control parameters or actuators. Keeping a skid under optimal conditions is often labor intensive and necessitates extensive workforce training. As a result of these manual interventions, product quality may differ from run to run.

Automation and control software reduces manual tasks and risk of errors which, in turn, increases process reproducibility, and optimizes uptime. Because control software securely acquires, stores, and manages the system’s data, the data are readily available for process monitoring, analysis, and decision-making. As automation and control software often requires unique usernames and passwords and automatically maintains a timestamped audit trail, regulatory compliance regarding the integrity and reliability of data is simplified.

Improve Product Quality and Process Efficiency

Automation and control software improves run-to-run consistency and product quality and reduces human errors. The software’s precise and automated control of unit operations, for example control of the flow rate or pH, can optimize the system’s process.

Scientist using Bio4C OrchestratorTM Software
Bio4C Orchestrator™ Software

Bio4C Orchestrator™ software connects individual unit operations to a centralized platform for unified monitoring of systems and processes.

Scientist in bunny suit using Bio4C ACE™ software on the Mobius® Cell Retention System.
Bio4C ACE™ Software

Bio4C ACE™ software controls and monitors bioprocess unit operations. Designed to be intuitive and secure, it allows users to run their processes in either manual or automated mode.

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Bioprocessing Automation and Control Software
Bioprocessing Automation and Control Software
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