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Custom & Predesigned RNA Oligos, siRNA Duplexes and Controls

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Silencing gene expression has become an important strategy in functional genomics. Bioinformatics software, optimized siRNA reagents, and protocols have now made RNAi experiments fast and convenient. Therefore, RNA interference (RNAi) is a useful technology for research and drug discovery.

We are a leading supplier of custom and predesigned RNA, siRNA, esiRNA, and miRNA as well as transfection reagents for the global life science community.

In addition to the use of cutting-edge technology, competitive prices, and continuous investment in worldwide operations, we also offer:

  • Deep scientific expertise and over 35 years of experience in the field - we meet customers’ specifications, no matter how complex
  • Outstanding customer service & technical support - our customers are provided with best-in-class service and support
  • Our commitment to quality for guaranteed product performance - It is the output of our state-of-the-art analytical instruments, our comprehensive understanding of bioinformatics, coupled with a robust quality management system

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Custom & Predesigned RNA Oligos and siRNA Duplexes
Positive and Negative siRNA Controls



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Custom & Predesigned RNA Oligos and siRNA Duplexes

MISSION® Predesigned siRNA

Our MISSION® Predesigned siRNA (small interfering RNA) are best-in-class and guarantee gene silencing. We have made ordering predesigned siRNA for single gene targets easy through our online ordering interface. Search your gene of interest by gene name, symbol, RefSeq, or Gene ID number to view the predesigned siRNA sequences available for your gene of interest. Predesigned siRNA sequences are available for human, mouse, and rat species.

Custom siRNA Duplexes

Our high-quality, custom siRNA duplexes are used in gene silencing applications. The siRNAs can be chemically modified to your specifications and are analyzed by mass spectrometry prior to release. Custom siRNA duplexes can be supplied in tube or plate format.

Fast siRNA

For quick synthesis and shipment of custom siRNA opt for our Fast siRNA selection (available in specific regions).

iScale siRNA

If you looking to scale up your experiments and require milligram to gram quantities of custom siRNA duplexes use our iScale online request form.


Our MISSION® esiRNA provides RNAi researchers with a proven and simple way to perform post-transcriptional silencing of protein-coding genes and lncRNA (long non-coding RNA).

single-stranded RNA (ssRNA) oligos

We offer standard quantities of single-stranded RNA oligos for various applications. Our custom RNA oligos allow a wide range of modifications, purifications, and quantities tailored to your specific needs.

Positive and Negative siRNA Controls

  • MISSION® Positive Control siRNA serves as an ideal complement to any gene silencing experiment. Positive controls are validated siRNA known to achieve high levels (>70%) of knockdown.
  • MISSION® siRNA Universal Negative Controls have been used in siRNA transfections and have been tested in vitro in Human, Mouse, and Rat cells.
  • MISSION® siRNA Fluorescent Universal Negative Controls are available in two formats Cyanine 3 and Cyanine 5. These are used for easy visualization and assessment of transfection efficiency.
  • MISSION® siRNA Fluorescent Universal Negative Control #1, 6-FAM allows easy visualization of the siRNA in your cells by using fluorescence microscopy.
  • MISSION® siRNA Transfection Reagent is for the transfection of siRNA to achieve ≥90% silencing efficiency for transient knockdown of eukaryotic gene expression.

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