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Purospher™ STAR HPLC and UHPLC Columns

U/HPLC Separations with Excellent Peak Symmetry

Purospher™ STAR HPLC and UHPLC columns are based on 99.9999 % ultra-pure fully porous silica (Type B). They are designed for universal use and allow the separation of basic, neutral, and metal chelating compounds with simple mobile phases and excellent peak symmetry. These columns offer an outstanding stability from pH 1.5 to 10.5 over a wide temperature range, and suitability for up to 100% aqueous mobile phases. Plus, they demonstrate best all-round retention characteristics, as proven by the Tanaka test. Thanks to these features, Purospher™ STAR HPLC columns allow high-throughput applications, and allow maximum flexibility to use the best chromatographic conditions for any separation including reversed phase.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-pure silica (99.999%) for excellent peak symmetry
  • High separation efficiency
  • Reproducible results from run-to-run and batch-to-batch
  • Best all-round performance according to Tanaka
  • Outstanding pH stability from pH 1.5 to 10.5
  • No phase collapse when using highly aqueous mobile phases
  • Good suitability for LC-MS applications

Purospher™ STAR HPLC Column Properties and Use


Figure 1.LiChroCART

Purospher™ STAR in stainless steel LiChroCART® cartridges

The LiChroCART® columns (75, 125, 150 and 250 mm length) in the list above (2, 3, 4 and 4.6 mm i.d.) require part number 1.51486.0001 manu-CART® cartridge column holder, which can be used to hold one cartridge column with or without a 4-4 mm guard column. LiChroCART® columns 250-10 mm require part number 1.51419.0001 manu-CART® 10.

The short LiChroCART® columns (30 and 55 mm length) can be ordered as a set including the corresponding cartridge holder and one cartridge, or as a pack of 3 cartridges without cartridge holder. The separate part numbers for the cartridge are as follows: 1.50227.0001 LiChroCART® cartridge holder for 30 mm cartridge and 1.50226.0001 LiChroCART® cartridge holder for 55 mm cartridge

LiChroCART® Cartridge 2 mm i.d.

LiChroCART® Cartridge 3 mm i.d.

LiChroCART® Cartridge 4 mm i.d.

LiChroCART® Cartridge 4.6 mm i.d.

LiChroCART® Cartridge 10 mm i.d.

* One set contains: 1 LiChroCART® cartridge and one holder

Purospher™ STAR in Hibar® RT columns

The Hibar® RT columns are complete with endfittings. When using a guard column with a Hibar® RT column, we recommend part number 1.51487.0001 guard column cartridge holder for 4-4 mm guard column cartridges LiChroCART®.

Purospher™ STAR in Hibar® RT columns

Figure 2.Purospher™ STAR in Hibar® RT columns

Hibar® RT Column 2 mm i.d.

Hibar® RT Column 3 mm i.d.

Hibar® RT Column 4 mm i.d.

Hibar® RT Column 4.6 mm i.d.

Hibar® RT Column 10 mm i.d.

Purospher™ STAR in Hibar® HR UHPLC columns 2.1 mm i.d.

The Hibar® HR UHPLC columns are designed for use in UHPLC instruments. The pressure stability is set at 1000 bar.

Purospher™ STAR in Hibar® HR UHPLC columns

Figure 3.Purospher™ STAR in Hibar® HR UHPLC columns

Hibar® HR UHPLC Columns

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