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Jeffrey Bode

Professor Jeffrey W. Bode

The Bode Group aims to develop new reactions and reagents for the synthesis of complex molecules.

The Bode Group has developed N-mesityl-substituted NHCs as organocatalysts for the catalytic generation of reactive species including activated carboxylates, homoenolates, and enolates. These novel catalysts and reactions have made possible a new generation of highly enantioselective annulations from simple starting materials under mild reaction conditions, usually at room temperature and without added reagents.

Furthering the goal of designing new reagents to enable the assembly of complex molecules, the Bode group has developed SnAP reagents for the facile, one-pot conversion of aldehydes into N-unprotected, saturated N-heterocycles, including bicyclic and spirocyclic structures. These easy to handle reagents provide a simple and robust alternative to the challenging and restrictive cross-coupling methods for the functionalization of saturated N-heterocycles.

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Recent papers from the Bode Group

Luescher MU, Vo CT, Bode JW. 2014. SnAP Reagents for the Synthesis of Piperazines and Morpholines. Org. Lett.. 16(4):1236-1239.
Vo CT, Luescher MU, Bode JW. 2014. SnAP reagents for the one-step synthesis of medium-ring saturated N-heterocycles from aldehydes. Nature Chem. 6(4):310-314.
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  • Organic Synthetic Chemistry
  • Catalysis
  • Chemical Biology
  • Biomaterials

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