Blood Typing Finished Reagents

Dropper bottles containing Bioscot<sup>®</sup> Blood Typing finished reagents

Finished Reagents

Millipore® portfolio of blood typing reagents are made from human or murine monoclonal antibodies and are formulated in low-protein diluents. These monoclonal reagents offer many advantages over polyclonal-based products.

  • Highly specific – no risk of contaminating antibodies
  • Lot-to-lot consistency
  • Low biohazard risk
  • IgM antibodies allow direct agglutination, react without the need for an indirect antiglobulin test, and can be used to type cells with a positive direct antiglobulin test.

We offer a large portfolio of finished reagents compliant with the requirements of the European Directive 98/79/EC. These reagents are offered in a wide range of commercial options, including bulk, reagents for research use, BIOSCOT®-labelled vials carrying the CE mark or unlabeled vials .

We have many years of experience in aiding customers in the registration of products in other countries, so whether your product is Millipore® labelled or in your own trade dress, we can support you with your product registration.

BIOSCOT® labelled reagents are not available to customers in all geographies.

Bulk reagent, reagent for research and unlabeled vial formats share the same reactivity and attributes as our BIOSCOT® CE marked reagents. Bulk reagent & unlabeled vial formats are for further manufacturing or non-diagnostic use. Reagents labelled for research use are not intended for use in clinical diagnostic applications. Read our Reagent Brochure

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Blood Typing Monoclonal Antibodies

Explore our range of monoclonal antibodies in various forms, from standardized intermediates, FFMU, finished reagents in bulk, antibodies and reagents for research use.

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