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Sarah Thomas et al.
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 603, 297-305 (2010-01-16)
Indomethacin is a non-narcotic and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used in the treatment of various inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis. In neonates, it is also used for induction of closure of patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). Its
Urszula Czyżewska et al.
Journal of medicinal food, 18(5), 584-591 (2014-09-10)
Propolis is a resin that is collected by honeybees from various plant sources. Due to its pharmacological properties, it is used in commercial production of nutritional supplements in pharmaceutical industry. In this study, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry was applied for quality
Ning Chen et al.
Cytotechnology, 66(6), 945-966 (2013-12-03)
Optimization of cell culture processes can benefit from the systematic analysis of experimental data and their organization in mathematical models, which can be used to decipher the effect of individual process variables on multiple outputs of interest. Towards this goal
M Kosová et al.
Journal of clinical pharmacy and therapeutics, 40(4), 436-440 (2015-05-28)
Parabens have been commonly used as preservatives in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries for almost 50 years. These compounds are thermostable, pH-stable and inexpensive and have a wide antimicrobial effect. The antimicrobial activity of parabens in emulsion system is limited by
Jie Shen et al.
Scientific reports, 5, 8651-8651 (2015-03-04)
It is technically challenging to investigate the function of secreted protein in real time by supply of conditioned medium that contains secreted protein of interest. The internalization of anthrax toxin is facilitated by a secreted protein Dickkopf-1 (DKK1) and its
Miles Trupp et al.
Journal of Parkinson's disease, 4(3), 549-560 (2014-06-15)
Parkinson's disease (PD) is a progressive, multi-focal neurodegenerative disease for which there is no effective disease modifying treatment. A critical requirement for designing successful clinical trials is the development of robust and reproducible biomarkers identifying PD in preclinical stages. To
Letian Shan et al.
Molecular bioSystems, 10(11), 2965-2973 (2014-08-22)
Lumbar disc herniation (LDH) is a commonly occurring disease, threatening human health and life quality. Lack of a gold standard of diagnosis has hindered the efficiency and efficacy of clinical therapy against LDH. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has provided an
Siddharth Jambhrunkar et al.
Molecular pharmaceutics, 11(10), 3642-3655 (2014-08-29)
Mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MCM-41) with different surface chemistry were used as carrier system to study its influence on drug delivery and anticancer activity of curcumin (CUR). CUR was encapsulated in pristine MCM-41 (hydrophilic and negatively charged), amino functionalized MCM-41 (MCM-41-NH2
Amanda Ruprecht et al.
Journal of bacteriology, 197(8), 1360-1367 (2015-02-04)
The acyl coenzyme A (acyl-CoA) dehydrogenases (ACADs) FadE34 and CasC, encoded by the cholesterol and cholate gene clusters of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Rhodococcus jostii RHA1, respectively, were successfully purified. Both enzymes differ from previously characterized ACADs in that they contain
Hanna N Wetzel et al.
International immunopharmacology, 23(2), 387-390 (2014-12-03)
The chimeric human/mouse anti-cocaine monoclonal antibody (mAb) 2E2 and its further humanized variant h2E2 have been reported to sequester a significant portion of cocaine in plasma and decrease cocaine concentrations in the brain in mice and rats. However, many cocaine
Keyvan Dastmalchi et al.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 63(30), 6810-6822 (2015-07-15)
The cultivation, storage, and distribution of potato tubers are compromised by mechanical damage and suboptimal healing. To investigate wound-healing progress in cultivars with contrasting russeting patterns, metabolite profiles reported previously for polar tissue extracts were complemented by GC/MS measurements for
Suganthagunthalam Dhakshinamoorthy et al.
Molecular bioSystems, 11(9), 2406-2416 (2015-07-16)
Altered metabolism is increasingly acknowledged as an important aspect of cancer, and thus serves as a potentially fertile area for the identification of therapeutic targets or leads. Our recent work using transcriptional data to predict metabolite levels in cancer cells
Na Huang et al.
Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry, 15(9), 1785-1792 (2014-05-28)
Composite hydrogels--macroscopic hydrogels with embedded microgel particles--are expected to respond to external stimuli quickly because microgels swell much faster than bulky gels. In this work, the kinetics of the pH-induced swelling of a composite hydrogel are studied using turbidity measurements.
Jun-ichi Ito et al.
Inorganic chemistry, 47(9), 3763-3771 (2008-03-19)
The reaction of trithiomolybdate [PPh 4] 2[MoOS 3] ( 1) with 2 equiv of trimethylchlorosilane generated trithio-chloro molybdate [PPh 4][MoClS 3] ( 2) in high yield, by way of a siloxy complex [PPh 4][Mo(OSiMe 3)S 3] ( 3). This intriguing
Qiao Zhao et al.
Phytochemistry, 112, 170-178 (2014-08-12)
Pinoresinol reductase (PrR) catalyzes the conversion of the lignan (-)-pinoresinol to (-)-lariciresinol in Arabidopsis thaliana, where it is encoded by two genes, PrR1 and PrR2, that appear to act redundantly. PrR1 is highly expressed in lignified inflorescence stem tissue, whereas
Xianqin Wang et al.
Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin, 38(3), 470-475 (2015-03-12)
Numerous people die of paraquat (PQ) poisoning every year in the world. Although several studies regarding paraquat (PQ) poisoning have been conducted, the metabolic changes in plasma remain unknown. In this study, the metabolomics of 15 PQ poisoned patients with
Saša Petriček et al.
Acta chimica Slovenica, 62(2), 354-361 (2015-06-19)
A mononuclear molecular complex fac-[VCl3(diglyme)] (1) resulted from the reaction of VCl3 and diglyme (diglyme = di(2-methoxyethyl)ether) in dichloromethane. The violet complex 1 is a sensitive substance which slowly oxidized to a new, blue mononuclear molecular complex, fac-[VOCl2(diglyme)] (2) in
Gati Krushna Panigrahi et al.
Chemical research in toxicology, 28(6), 1120-1132 (2015-04-29)
Our prior studies have shown an association between the deaths of children and consumption of Cassia occidentalis (CO) seeds. However, the chemicals responsible for the CO poisoning are not known. Therefore, the present study was designed to identify the key
Sing Teang Kong et al.
PloS one, 9(9), e108190-e108190 (2014-09-26)
To facilitate therapeutic monitoring of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) by healthcare professionals for patients with epilepsy (PWE), we applied a GC-MS assay to measure three AEDs: carbamazepine (CBZ), phenytoin (PHT) and valproic acid (VPA) levels concurrently in one dried blood spot
Hanne Roberg-Larsen et al.
Steroids, 99(Pt B), 125-130 (2015-02-11)
Due to their non-charged character, liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry (LC-ESI-MS) measurements of oxysterols are often performed after derivatization with e.g. charged Girard reagents. However, derivatization reactions are time-consuming and may require numerous steps to remove excess reagent. In addition, extensive
Andreas Üllen et al.
Biochemical pharmacology, 93(4), 470-481 (2015-01-13)
Hypochlorous acid added as reagent or generated by the myeloperoxidase (MPO)-H2O2-Cl(-) system oxidatively modifies brain ether-phospholipids (plasmalogens). This reaction generates a sn2-acyl-lysophospholipid and chlorinated fatty aldehydes. 2-Chlorohexadecanal (2-ClHDA), a prototypic member of chlorinated long-chain fatty aldehydes, has potent neurotoxic potential
Magda Caban et al.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1346, 107-116 (2014-05-13)
This paper discusses a new silylating reagent - dimethyl(3,3,3-trifluoropropyl)silyldiethylamine (DIMETRIS) - for the derivatisation of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) prior to GC-MS analysis. DIMETRIS reacts with seven target compounds (diclofenac, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, naproxen, flurbiprofen and paracetamol, as well as salicylic
Yasser Nehela et al.
Plant physiology, 184(4), 2216-2239 (2020-08-28)
Huanglongbing (HLB) is a devastating citrus disease worldwide that is putatively caused by Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus and transmitted by Diaphorina citri Melatonin is a ubiquitously distributed auxin-like metabolite found in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. In this study, we used integrative
Greg M Kowalski et al.
Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 463(4), 818-824 (2015-06-19)
Cardiac metabolism is thought to be altered in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes (T2D). Our understanding of the regulation of cardiac substrate metabolism and insulin sensitivity has largely been derived from ex vivo preparations which are not subject to the
Yiwei Li et al.
Lab on a chip, 15(15), 3203-3210 (2015-07-02)
Active control over the cell gradient is essential for understanding biological systems and the reconstitution of the functionality of many types of tissues, particularly for organ-on-a-chip. Here, we propose a three-dimensional (3D) microfluidic strategy for generating controllable cell gradients. In
Yu-Xuan Lu et al.
PloS one, 9(6), e99948-e99948 (2014-06-14)
A strategy known as diapause (developmental arrest) has evolved in insects to increase their survival rate under harsh environmental conditions. Diapause causes a dramatic reduction in the metabolic rate and drastically extends lifespan. However, little is known about the mechanisms
Bartholomaeus Pieber et al.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1217(42), 6555-6561 (2010-09-18)
A new method was developed for the quantitative analysis of steryl glycosides in biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters). This method is much more sensitive than existing methods and has minimum limits of quantification of 50 μg/kg, compared to previously published
Kai Lun Chang et al.
PloS one, 9(8), e104621-e104621 (2014-08-08)
Findings from epidemiology, preclinical and clinical studies indicate that consumption of coffee could have beneficial effects against dementia and Alzheimer's disease (AD). The benefits appear to come from caffeinated coffee, but not decaffeinated coffee or pure caffeine itself. Therefore, the
Pavani P Nadiminti et al.
Protoplasma, 252(6), 1475-1486 (2015-02-26)
Electron microscopy techniques such as transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) have been invaluable tools for the study of the micromorphology of plant cuticles. However, for electron microscopy, the preparation techniques required may invariably introduce artefacts in
Thermal analysis of disulfonated poly (arylene ether sulfone) plasticized with poly (ethylene glycol) for membrane formation.
Oh HJ, et al.
Polymer, 55(1), 235-247 (2014)
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