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Primary Human Hepatocytes Culture Protocol
Discover our primary human hepatocytes and plating and maintenance media formulations. Explore our protocol for plateable primary hepatocyte cell culture.
Primary Human Hepatic Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells Culture Protocol
Discover our collection of primary human hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cells, a protocol for thawing, plating, and growing HHSECs, and a recipe for our HHSEC maintenance media formulation.
Primary Human Hepatic Kupffer Cell Culture Protocol
Discover our collection of primary human hepatic Kupffer cells and protocol for thawing, plating, and growing Kupffer cells. Find the formulation for Kupffer culture maintenance media.
CryoStor® Cryopreservation Protocol
Cryopreservation efficacy which includes post-thaw recovery, viability, and functionality is of importance to both research and clinical applications. The cumulative stresses that result from the cryopreservation process and suboptimal freeze media result in cell death from necrosis and apoptosis.
Fibronectin Coating Protocol
Dilute fibronectin to the desired concentration. Optimum conditions for attachment are dependent on cell type and application. The typical coating concentration is 1 – 5 ug/cm2.Fibronectin coating protocol, products, and FAQs.
Primary Human Spheroid-Qualified Plateable Hepatocyte Culture Protocol
Discover our protocol for thawing, plating, and forming hepatocyte spheroids from human spheroid-qualified plateable hepatocytes. Find the formulation for hepatocyte spheroid maintenance media.