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Sterility Testing Culture Media & Rinsing Fluids
Our sterility testing media and fluids are formulated and tested to meet EU, US, and JP pharmacopeia regulations, and are supplied with full certification containing pH, sterility, and growth promotion information.
Steritest® Symbio Sterility Testing Pump & Accessories
The user-friendly Steritest® Symbio pumps and accessories are designed for easy and reliable sterility testing. The system improves your workflow and maximizes safety, confidence, and convenience.
Sterility Testing by Direct Inoculation
Direct inoculation of culture media is the method of choice for sterility testing of non-filterable samples. Select from our range of sterility testing media including soybean casein digest medium (TSB), and Fluid Thioglycollate medium (FTM standard and clear).
Sterility Testing of Products to be Diluted in Isopropyl Myristate
Sterile Isopropyl Myristate (IPM) in combination with the Steritest® NEO device is an ideal solution for sterility testing of viscous products such as creams and ointments. These products are diluted in IPM to improve sample filterability.
Steritest® NEO Membrane Filtration Sterility Test
Sterility testing is one of the most crucial steps in pharmaceutical product release. Regulatory-compliant membrane filtration sterility testing devices ensure the safety of pharmaceutical products.
Sterility Testing of Products with Antimicrobial Properties
Steritest® NEO device is ideal for sterility testing of antibiotics. The Steridilutor® NEO system is designed to dissolve and dilute drugs in vials. The Steridilutor® NEO device for the liquid transfer kit enables diluting liquids from open ampoules into a