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SMCxPRO™ Immunoassay Instrument and SMC™ Kits
High Sensitivity Protein Measurement at the fg/mL level Synonym: SMC, Singulex, single molecule counting, xPRO
Calculators & Apps
Calculators & Apps
Pharma Microbiology Method Validation
Our pharma microbiology testing device validation protocols provide correct documentation for audits and with regulatory authorities. When we are on-site, our validation engineers ask the right questions, understand your application, and the validation requirements of your equipment.
Liquid Visual Tests
Liquid Visual Tests
NAOSMM Program
NAOSMM Program
Virtual Road Trip Answers Page
Virtual Road Trip Answers Page
Post Event Feedback
Post event feedback for AstraZeneca technology spotlight series
Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific Region
mRNA Development & Manufacturing
Our comprehensive portfolio of products and services provides everything you need for mRNA synthesis, purification, and formulation for development and manufacturing.
Request Antibody Quote
Request antibody quote with special contract pricing
Antibody Voyager
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Imports of Animal Products Post Brexit - ECACC cell lines
Imports of Animal Products Post Brexit - ECACC cell lines
Special Promotions
Start saving with our special end of year promotions in: Immuno-Oncology Mouse and Human, Metabolic, Milliplex Vet Med and Non Human Primate categories.
IPS Technology Spotlight - Registration
Register now for the to learn about biomarkers in translational research programs. In this virtual meeting, we will cover the various immunoassay platforms, ranging from the full spectrum single analyte ELISA portfolio to large Multiplex panel platforms. We will also
Blackwell Group – Professor Product Portal
Our laboratory pursues research at the chemistry-microbiology interface. We are deeply interested in the mechanisms by which bacteria sense each other, their environment, and the eukaryotic hosts on which and in which they may reside. One prominent pathway that we
Cravatt Group – Professor Product Portal
The aim of the Cravatt research group is to understand the roles that mammalian enzymes play in physiological and pathological processes and to use this knowledge to identify novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of human disease. To achieve these
Bode Group – Professor Product Portal
The Bode Group aims to develop new reactions and reagents for the synthesis of complex molecules. The Bode Group has developed N-mesityl-substituted NHCs as organocatalysts for the catalytic generation of reactive species including activated carboxylates, homoenolates, and enolates. These novel catalysts
Yamamoto Group – Professor Product Portal
The Yamamoto group has employed several applications in catalysis.
Boger Group – Professor Product Portal
As the exploration of the properties of complex natural products becomes increasingly more sophisticated with the technological advances being made in their screening and evaluation and as structural details of their interaction with biological targets becomes more accessible, the importance
Gouverneur Group – Professor Product Portal
One of the main research themes of the Gouverneur group is Fluorine Chemistry with an extensive research program aimed at developing novel synthetic methodologies for the preparation of fluorinated targets.
Bobbitt Group – Professor Product Portal
Dr. James Bobbitt has been developing the chemistry of oxoammonium salts, such as Bobbitt's Salt (Product 745537), for 30 years. He discovered the oxoaommonium chemistry by accident in 1985 and found that it had been started by a fine Russian
Alexanian Group - Professor Product Portal
The Alexanian group is working with Sigma-Aldrich to provide functionalized amides that enable a broad range of practical aliphatic C–H transformations. These reactions proceed in useful chemical yields with the substrate as limiting reagent under visible light or radical initiation.
Zhang Group – Professor Product Portal
The major research thrust in Professor Liming Zhang’s group is homogeneous gold catalysis ranging from discovery of novel reactivities, design of new ligands, development of versatile synthetic methods and application in natural product synthesis.
Suero Group – Professor Product Portal
The Suero research group has developed new catalytic methods involving conceptually-novel radical carbenoids, carbyne equivalents, and metal-carbynoids and studied their behavior towards fine & feedstock chemicals as well as medically relevant agents.
Assay Kits for Metabolites and Nutrients
Assay Kits for Metabolites and Nutrients
Material Matters™ Publication Registration
Material Matters™ is a publication dedicated to addressing your research needs in materials science and nanotechnology. The issues, published quarterly, are thematic in content and feature technical reviews by leading experts. In addition, application notes and relevant products and services
A New Screening Approach for Lead Discovery: DNA-Encoded Library Technology
A New Screening Approach for Lead Discovery: DNA-Encoded Library Technology
Development of Chemiluminescent Immunoassays Based on Magnetic Beads
Development of Chemiluminescent Immunoassays Based on Magnetic Beads
Comprehensive Overview of the Sustainability Strategies
Is your PCR Reaction Healthy?
Is your PCR reaction healthy?
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