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Calibration and Verification for Microbiology Testing Systems

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Your microbiology testing systems must be inspected and serviced routinely to ensure they are fully operational and remain compliant with the manufacturing specifications. We offer Calibration and Verification services.

  • During the Calibration service, for air samplers only, our technical experts or qualified personnel perform the air flow calibration. No critical wear parts are replaced. A calibration certificate is provided at the end of the service.
  • During the Verification service, our technical experts or qualified personnel perform a complete system checkup, including visual, functional, and performance tests, to detect any deviation from the manufacturing specifications. No critical wear parts are replaced. A performance report is provided at the end of the service.

We recommend servicing your microbiological testing systems on an annual basis.

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Calibration or Verification in Addition to Your Service Plan

We recommend performing maintenance on an annual basis, but for customers who request more frequent system checks, we propose calibrating or verifying your equipment in addition to our service plan. We will provide this additional service every 6 months, in addition to your preventive maintenance.

End of Life Verification Service

Are you sure that your system has maintained conformity until the last performed test, and that you can rely on the released test results before decommissioning it? Our End-of-Life Verification service enables you to document your system's conformity until decommissioning and ensures compliance with GMP and GLP regulations for system maintenance and calibration. We will provide you with an auditable performance report as part of this service.

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