Spectroquant® Test Kits for the METTLER TOLEDO UV5 Spectrophotometer

Spectroquant® Test Kits

Ready-to-use Spectroquant® Test Kits can be used seamlessly
with your METTLER TOLEDO spectrophotometer

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of analytical test kits and reference standards for your water analysis. Spectroquant® Test Kits are available in two different formats:

Spectroquant® Reagent Test Kits contain all reagents for your photometric analyses and can be used with any existing cuvettes of various pathlengths, e.g. 10 mm rectangular.

Spectroquant® Cell Test Kits are ready-to-use 16 mm round cells pre-filled with reagents and no further cuvette is needed.

Spectroquant® Test Kits

METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments including spectrophotometers. Spectroquant® photometric consumables, from the comprehensive Supelco® portfolio of analytical products, can now be used with these instruments.

To enable the seamless use of our Spectroquant® Cell Tests, METTLER TOLEDO launched the Test Tube Holder for round cells and developed the preprogrammed methods for the below listed Spectroquant® Test Kits, which can be downloaded and imported into METTLER TOLEDO spectrophotometers. This new “Test Tube Holder” for the UV5 Spectrophotometer can be purchased at METTLER TOLEDO.

Achieve accurate and reliable results with chemical consumables of certified quality with the full range of Spectroquant® Test Kits. The following 20 cell tests can be selected by OneClick™ in the LabX photometer control software. For Spectroquant® Test Kit parameters which currently do not have a pre-programmed setting, calibration will be required.

Combine convenience with precise water analysis and use Spectroquant® Cell Test Kits with the UV5 Spectrophotometer.

Preprogrammed Spectroquant® Test Kits:

*Reagent test kit with (own) rectangular cuvette. Measurement range depends on the cuvette size (pathlength). No test tube holder needed.