JandaJels™ are designed to create a “solvent-like organic microenvironment to catalyze organic reactions”.1 The flexible tetrahydrofuran-like cross-linker gives the JandaJels™ increased swelling and solvation characteristics as compared to polystyrene resins cross-linked with divinylbenzene.2,3 The increased swelling results in better site accessibility as compared to highly crosslinked polymers.4 JandaJels have been used for solid-supported organic synthesis (SPOS)5–8 as well as polymer-bound reagents in a wide variety of synthetic transformations,9–11 catalysis,12,13 chiral catalysis,14–17 and in small library synthesis.18–23

JandaJels Diagram

Figure 1.JandaJels Diagram

Synthesis of a Phthalimide Library

Figure 2.Synthesis of a Phthalimide Library

Synthesis of a Di-, Tri-, and Tetra-substituted Urea Library

Figure 3.Synthesis of a Di-, Tri-, and Tetra-substituted Urea Library



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