Polyester bis-MPA dendron 4 NHBoc, 1 carboxyl (core)

generation 2

PFd-G2-COOH-NH-BOC, Bis-MPA dendron
Empirical Formula (Hill Notation):
Peso molecular:


4 NHBoc, 1 carboxyl (core)

Nivel de calidad




mol peso

generation 2

nº de grupos superficiales



white to off-white

grupo funcional

carboxylic acid (core)

temp. de almacenamiento


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Descripción general

  • Polymer architecture: Dendron
  • End Group Functionality: Boc-protected amine
  • Boc: tert-Butyloxycarbonyl
  • Bis-MPA: 2,2-Bis(hydroxymethyl)propionic acid


Bis-MPA (or 2,2-Bis(methylol)propionic acid) is an aliphatic, pro-chiral molecule comprised of two hydroxyls and one carboxylic group that has been used in the synthesis of many different types of polymers. Dendrons synthesized from bis-MPA are biodegradable and have low cytotoxicity, making them well suited for use in biological research applications. These materials have been used in many applications such as signal amplification in bioassays and in drug delivery applications. Both the amine-functionalized dendrimers (after Boc deprotection) and carboxylic acid-functionalized core can be readily used in EDC or DCC coupling reactions with carbonyl or amine-containing compounds, respectively, to yield highly functionalized materials for a variety of biomedical applications.


NONH for all modes of transport

WGK Alemania


Punto de inflamabilidad F

Not applicable

Punto de inflamabilidad C

Not applicable

Anna Carlmark et al.
Chemical Society reviews, 42(13), 5858-5879 (2013-05-01)
Dendritic polymers are highly branched, globular architectures with multiple representations of functional groups. These nanoscale organic frameworks continue to fascinate researchers worldwide and are today under intensive investigation in application-driven research. A large number of potential application areas have been...
Professor Michael Malkoch provides an overview of the unique properties of dendritic molecules and their application in biomedical fields. He highlights bis-MPA dendritic scaffolds as a promising biodegradable and biocompatible platform for drug delivery applications
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