Anti-trimethyl-Histone H3 (Lys27) Antibody

Upstate®, from rabbit

H3 histone family, member T, histone 3, H3, histone cluster 3, H3, H3k27me3

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purified immunoglobulin

antibody product type

primary antibodies



species reactivity

human, mouse




immunocytochemistry: suitable
immunohistochemistry: suitable
immunoprecipitation (IP): suitable
multiplexing: suitable
western blot: suitable



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dry ice

Gene Information

human ... HIST1H3F(8968)

Descripción general

Histone H3 is one of the five main histone proteins involved in the structure of chromatin in eukaryotic cells. Featuring a main globular domain and a long N-terminal tail, H3 is involved with the structure of the nucleosomes of the ′beads on a string′ structure. The N-terminal tail of histone H3 protrudes from the globular nucleosome core and can undergo several different types of epigenetic modifications that influence cellular processes. These modifications include the covalent attachment of methyl or acetyl groups to lysine and arginine amino acids and the phosphorylation of serine or threonine.


Broad species cross-reactivity expected.
Trimethylated histone H3 (Lys27). Broad species cross-reactivity expected.


KLH-conjugated, synthetic 2X-branched peptide containing the sequence …AR(me3K)SAP… in which me3K corresponds to trimethyl-lysine at residue 27 of human histone H3.


Anti-trimethyl-Histone H3 (Lys27), also known as Anti-H3K27me3, is a highly published Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody. This protein A purified antibody is dot blot tested for trimethylated lysine 27 specificity and validated in WB, ICC, IP.


Beadlyte Histone-Peptide Specificity Assay:


Routinely evaluated by western blot in acid extracted proteins from HeLa cells.

Western Blot Analysis:
0.4 µg/mL of anti-trimethyl histone H3 Lys27 was used on recombinant Histone H3 and HeLa cell acid extracts.

Descripción de destino

17 kDa

Forma física

Purified rabbit IgG in buffer containing 0.1 M Tris-Glycine, pH 7.4, 0.15 M NaCl with 0.05% sodium azide before the addition of 30% glycerol.
Format: Purified

Otras notas

Concentration: Please refer to the Certificate of Analysis for the lot-specific concentration.

Información legal

UPSTATE is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany


10 - Combustible liquids

WGK Alemania


Certificado de Análisis

Certificado de origen

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