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Nitric acid

ACS reagent, ≥90.0%

Empirical Formula (Hill Notation):
Número de CAS:
Peso molecular:
Número de EC:
Número MDL:
ID de la sustancia en PubChem:

Nivel de calidad



ACS reagent

densidad de vapor

1.3 (vs air)

presión de vapor

6.6 mmHg ( 20 °C)
8 mmHg ( 20 °C)


dilution test passes test





residuo de ign.



colorless to yellow


120.5 °C (lit.)


1.48 g/mL at 20 °C (lit.)

trazas de anión

chloride (Cl-): ≤0.7 ppm
dissolved oxides: ≤0.1% (as N2O3)
sulfate (SO42-): ≤5 ppm

trazas de catión

As: ≤0.3 ppm
Fe: ≤2 ppm
heavy metals (as Pb): ≤5 ppm

SMILES string




InChI key


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Palabra de señalización


Frases de peligro

Clasificaciones de peligro

Acute Tox. 3 Inhalation - Eye Dam. 1 - Met. Corr. 1 - Ox. Liq. 3 - Skin Corr. 1A

Riesgos supl.

Código de clase de almacenamiento

5.1A - Strongly oxidizing hazardous materials



Punto de inflamabilidad F

Not applicable

Punto de inflamabilidad C

Not applicable

Equipo de protección personal

Faceshields, Gloves, Goggles, type ABEK (EN14387) respirator filter

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The fate of NO(x) (=NO + NO(2)) is important to understand because NO(x) is a significant player in air quality determination through its role in O(3) formation. Here we show that renoxification of the urban atmosphere may occur through the
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Journal of inorganic biochemistry, 147, 227-234 (2015-05-11)
Uncontrolled reactions in biological media are a main obstacle for clinical translation of V-based anti-diabetic or anti-cancer pro-drugs. We investigated the use of controlled-release pharmaceutical formulations to ameliorate this issue with a series of V(V) and (IV) complexes of anionic
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Zinc transporter-3 (ZnT3) protein is responsible for loading zinc into presynaptic vesicles and consequently controls the availability of zinc at the glutamatergic synapse. ZnT3 has been shown to decline with age and in Alzheimer's disease (AD) and is crucially involved
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The unique physical and chemical properties of nanomaterials have led to their increased use in many industrial applications, including as a paint additive. For example, titanium dioxide (TiO2) engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) have well-established anti-UV, self-cleaning, and air purification effects. Silver
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The successful development of scanning probe techniques to characterize corrosion in situ using multifunctional probes is intrinsically tied to surface topography signal decoupling from the measured electrochemical fluxes. One viable strategy is the shear force controlled scanning microcapillary method. Using

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