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GDS OTV Insert

BioControl, For use with GDS, Performance verification of the GDS Rotor-Gene


3‑5 mo.


BioControl Systems 73021

condiciones de almacenamiento

protect from light at room temperature


PCR: suitable


food and beverages
pathogen testing


for use with GDS Rotor-Gene

temp. de almacenamiento

room temp

Descripción general

The GDS OTV (Optical Temperature Verification) Insert provides automated performance verification and dynamic calibration of the GDS Rotor-Gene. The OTV system uses the chemical properties of thermochromic liquid crystals (TLC) as an absolute temperature reference. When heated, a TLC changes from opaque to transparent at a very precise temperature. The Rotor-Gene can measure this precise temperature transition point and, by comparing the measured in-tube thermal transition point to the known calibrated value, the OTV software verifies that the Rotor-Gene is within specification. If necessary, the OTV software allows the user to automatically recalibrate the instrument with a simple push of a button. A printable post-run report documents each test and any necessary recalibration.


  • OTV Insert – good for 30 verification runs
  • Optical Filters for Rotor-Gene 3000 and Rotor-Gene Q, one each


BioControl GDS

Método de análisis

Optical Temperature Verification

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