Fluorometric Intracellular Ros Kit

sufficient for 200 fluorometric tests (green)



sufficient for 200 fluorometric tests (green)

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Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are generated as a result of the reduction of oxygen during aerobic respiration and by various enzymatic systems within the cell. At physiological levels, ROS contribute to cell signaling and host defense. Increased ROS generation, above the detoxification capacity of the biological system, results in oxidative stress and cellular damage. The main damage to cells results from the ROS-induced alteration of macromolecules such as polyunsaturated fatty acids in membrane lipids, essential proteins, and DNA. ROS has been implicated in disease states, such as Alzheimer′s disease, Parkinson′s disease, cancer, and aging.


Fluorometric Intracellular Ros Kit has been used in reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation assay.


This kit is suitable for the detection of intracellular ROS by fluorescence microplate reader or a fluorescent microscope.


The Fluorometric Intracellular ROS Assay Kit provides a sensitive, one-step fluorometric assay to detect intracellular ROS (especially superoxide and hydroxyl radicals) in live cells within 1 hour incubation. ROS react with a fluorogenic sensor localized to the cytoplasm, resulting in a fluorometric product (λex = 490/λem = 520 nm) proportional to the amount of ROS present. The assay can be performed in either a 96 or 384 multiwell plate format and read using a fluorescence microscope or a fluorescence microplate reader.


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