High Pressure Merlin Microseal

For CP-1177 injector; 1 nut, 1 inlet adapter, 1 o-ring, and 1 General Purpose (3-100 psi) septum


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Descripción general

The Merlin Microseal System is a septum-less system that provides very long life. Because there is not a septum to pierce, septum fragments will not be formed and deposited in the inlet liner. The septum contains a series of seals (wiper rib, o-rings, and a duckbill valve) that allow a needle to enter while maintaining a leak-free seal. The septum can be used only with a syringe that has a 23 gauge "blunt tipped" needle, or with an SPME fiber assembly with a 23 gauge needle. The thicker shaft is required to make the necessary contact with the septum seals.


Merlin Microseal System may be used to replace traditional septum, to avoid leaking and bleeding caused during operating GC/MS system. It may also be equipped to the injection port during GC analysis for determination of plasticizer N-butylbenzenesulfonamide and the pharmaceutical Ibuprofen in wastewater.

Otras notas

Varian GCs require an inlet adapter and an o-ring in addition to the septum and nut. The septum incorporates a unique design with two sequential seals to provide a much longer life. Order replacement septa, or alternate versions, separately. Not compatible with the Varian 8200 autosampler.

Note: Do not use with beveled tips.

Información legal

MicroSeal is a trademark of Merlin Instrument Co.
Varian is a registered trademark of Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

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Determination of the plasticizer N-butylbenzenesulfonamide and the pharmaceutical Ibuprofen in wastewater using solid phase microextraction (SPME).
Fresenius Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 362, 529-536 (1998)
J M Diserens
Journal of AOAC International, 84(3), 853-860 (2001-06-22)
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