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Differential binding characteristics of protein G and protein A for Fc fragments of papain-digested mouse IgG.
Aybay C
Immunology Letters, 85(3), 231-235 (2003)
Antibody structure, instability, and formulation.
Wang W
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 96(1), 1-26 (2007)
Abhishek Kumar et al.
Neurotoxicology, 77, 169-180 (2020-01-29)
Malaria is an infectious disease that is caused by different species of Plasmodium. Several antimalarial drugs are used to counter the spread and infectivity of Plasmodium species. However, humans are also vulnerable to many of the antimalarial drugs, including the
Pauline Colombier et al.
Stem cells (Dayton, Ohio), 34(3), 653-667 (2015-12-15)
Degenerative disc disease (DDD) primarily affects the central part of the intervertebral disc namely the nucleus pulposus (NP). DDD explains about 40% of low back pain and is characterized by massive cellular alterations that ultimately result in the disappearance of
Michael Li-Hsuan Huang et al.
The American journal of pathology, 183(3), 745-757 (2013-07-28)
Friedreich ataxia (FA) is a neurodegenerative and cardiodegenerative disease resulting from marked frataxin deficiency. The condition is characterized by ataxia with fatal cardiomyopathy, but the pathogenic mechanisms are unclear. We investigated the association between gene expression and progressive histopathological and
Piyanuch Wonganan et al.
Drug metabolism and disposition: the biological fate of chemicals, 42(7), 1191-1201 (2014-04-26)
HC-04 cells were evaluated as an in vitro model for mechanistic study of changes in the function of hepatic CYP3A during virus infection. Similar to in vivo observations, infection with a first generation recombinant adenovirus significantly inhibited CYP3A4 catalytic activity
Jongdee Nopparat et al.
Experimental and therapeutic medicine, 20(2), 1385-1396 (2020-08-04)
Hyperglycemia-induced oxidative stress and inflammation are hallmarks of liver damage in diabetes mellitus. Accumulating evidence has demonstrated that Pluchea indica leaf ethanol extract (PILE) possesses strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. However, studies of its effects on liver damage in streptozotocin
Robert Root-Bernstein
Frontiers in pediatrics, 2, 85-85 (2014-09-06)
Molecular mimicry theory (MMT) suggests that epitope mimicry between pathogens and human proteins can activate autoimmune disease. Group A streptococci (GAS) mimics human cardiac myosin in rheumatic heart disease (RHD) and coxsackie viruses (CX) mimic actin in autoimmune myocarditis (AM).
The DISC1-Girdin complex - a missing link in signaling to the T cell cytoskeleton.
Maskalenko, et al.
Journal of Cell Science, 133 (2021)
J A Henderson et al.
Endocrine, 33(3), 285-293 (2008-11-21)
To further understand the role of ovarian hormones in the function of the serotonin neural system, we investigated the effects of estradiol (E), progesterone (P), and raloxifene on 5HT 1A and 2C receptor protein expression in the dorsal raphe region
Calabi Fand Neuberger MS
Molecular Genetics of Immunoglobulin, 17 (1987)
Katharina Krauskopf et al.
Structure (London, England : 1993), 26(8), 1091-1100 (2018-08-14)
Despite high sequence homology among the p53 family members, the regulation of their transactivation potential is based on strikingly different mechanisms. Previous studies revealed that the activity of TAp63α is regulated via an autoinhibitory mechanism that keeps inactive TAp63α in
Amy Anzovino et al.
The American journal of pathology, 187(12), 2858-2875 (2017-09-25)
Nuclear factor-erythroid 2-related factor-2 (Nrf2) is a master regulator of the antioxidant response. However, studies in models of Friedreich ataxia, a neurodegenerative and cardiodegenerative disease associated with oxidative stress, reported decreased Nrf2 expression attributable to unknown mechanisms. Using a mouse
S Yang et al.
Oncogenesis, 5, e201-e201 (2016-03-02)
Apoptosis has a critical role in both physiological and pathological processes, and therefore probes that enable direct and fast visualization for apoptosis in vitro and in vivo have great significance for evaluation of therapeutic effects, disease monitoring and drug screening.
Lee E Finlan et al.
PLoS genetics, 4(3), e1000039-e1000039 (2008-03-29)
The spatial organisation of the genome in the nucleus has a role in the regulation of gene expression. In vertebrates, chromosomal regions with low gene-density are located close to the nuclear periphery. Correlations have also been made between the transcriptional
Gadi Lalazar et al.
Cancer discovery, 11(10), 2544-2563 (2021-06-16)
To repurpose therapeutics for fibrolamellar carcinoma (FLC), we developed and validated patient-derived xenografts (PDX) from surgical resections. Most agents used clinically and inhibitors of oncogenes overexpressed in FLC showed little efficacy on PDX. A high-throughput functional drug screen found primary
Jae Hoon Jeong et al.
Tuberculosis and respiratory diseases, 80(3), 247-254 (2017-07-28)
Airway epithelial cells are the first line of defense, against pathogens and environmental pollutants, in the lungs. Cellular stress by cadmium (Cd), resulting in airway inflammation, is assumed to be directly involved in tissue injury, linked to the development of
Severin Ruoss et al.
Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society, 36(1), 272-281 (2017-06-03)
Previous studies suggested that degradation of contractile tissue requires cleavage of the costamere, a structural protein complex that holds sarcomeres in place. This study examined if costamere turnover is affected by a rotator cuff tear in a previously established ovine
Zhou Zhong et al.
mBio, 12(2) (2021-03-25)
Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) capsid binds host proteins during infection, including cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor 6 (CPSF6) and cyclophilin A (CypA). We observe that HIV-1 infection induces higher-order CPSF6 formation, and capsid-CPSF6 complexes cotraffic on microtubules. CPSF6-capsid
Joan Pulupa et al.
eLife, 9 (2020-12-22)
While the static structure of the nuclear pore complex (NPC) continues to be refined with cryo-EM and x-ray crystallography, in vivo conformational changes of the NPC remain under-explored. We developed sensors that report on the orientation of NPC components by
Vasty Osei-Amponsa et al.
Molecular and cellular biology, 40(18) (2020-07-08)
hRpn13/ADRM1 links substrate recruitment with deubiquitination at the proteasome through its proteasome- and ubiquitin-binding Pru domain and DEUBAD domain, which binds and activates deubiquitinating enzyme (DUB) UCHL5/Uch37. Here, we edit the HCT116 colorectal cancer cell line to delete part of
Antibody structure, instability, and formulation.
Wang W, et al.
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 96(1), 1-26 (2007)
Kathrin Staudacher et al.
The Journal of physiology, 589(Pt 15), 3709-3720 (2011-06-15)
Potassium-selective ion channels regulate cardiac and neuronal excitability by stabilizing the resting membrane potential and by modulating shape and frequency of action potentials. The delicate control of membrane voltage requires structural and functional diversity of K+ channel subunits expressed in
Norio Miyamoto et al.
PloS one, 8(1), e55151-e55151 (2013-02-02)
Vestimentiferan tubeworms are marine invertebrates that inhabit chemosynthetic environments, and although recent molecular phylogenetic analyses have suggested that vestimentiferan tubeworms are derived from polychaete annelids, they show some morphological features that are different from other polychaetes. For example, vestimentiferans lack
Katia G Ivanova et al.
Mutation research, 695(1-2), 40-45 (2009-11-17)
This study analyzed the effects of biliprotein C-phycocyanin (C-PC) on the enzymatic antioxidant defence system in lymphocytes of nuclear power-plant workers and non-exposed controls. Changes in the protein levels of manganese super oxide dismutase (MnSOD), catalase and glutathione-S-transferase (GST) were
Belema Boyle et al.
Steroids, 75(10), 695-700 (2010-05-05)
Glucocorticoid receptor (GR) is expressed in the normal human adrenal gland, however, no study has been performed to evaluate the separate expression of alpha- and beta-isoforms (GRalpha and GRbeta) in normal human adrenals and in adrenocortical adenomas. GRalpha and GRbeta
Constantin N Takacs et al.
Traffic (Copenhagen, Denmark), 18(3), 192-204 (2016-12-31)
Apolipoprotein E (ApoE), a component of very-low-density and high-density lipoproteins, participates in many aspects of lipid transport in the bloodstream. Underscoring its important functions, ApoE isoforms have been associated with metabolic and circulatory disease. ApoE is also incorporated into hepatitis
Sho Matsubara et al.
Molecular and clinical oncology, 11(3), 296-300 (2019-08-10)
Endometriosis is a precancerous condition for endometriosis-associated ovarian cancer (EAOC). In the present study, conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and MR relaxometry were used to examine a case of clear cell carcinoma that arose in a pre-existing right-sided benign ovarian
Yao-Lei Zhang et al.
Oncology reports, 45(6) (2021-04-14)
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most diagnosed cancer worldwide. Progesterone is associated with a decreased risk of CRC and leads to a favourable prognosis. However, the specific mechanism by which progesterone suppresses malignant progression remains to be elucidated. In
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