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Ana P Gomes et al.
Cancer cell, 36(4), 402-417 (2019-10-01)
Metastasis is the leading cause of cancer mortality. Chromatin remodeling provides the foundation for the cellular reprogramming necessary to drive metastasis. However, little is known about the nature of this remodeling and its regulation. Here, we show that metastasis-inducing pathways...
Lucas Sagrillo-Fagundes et al.
PloS one, 14(1), e0202458-e0202458 (2019-01-11)
Melatonin has protective roles in normal cells and cytotoxic actions in cancer cells, with effects involving autophagy and nuclear factor (erythroid-derived 2)-like 2 (Nrf2) transcription factor pathways. Hypoxia/reoxygenation (H/R) induces oxidative damage and apoptosis. These consequences activate autophagy, which degrades...
Kohtaro Morita et al.
The Journal of reproduction and development, 64(2), 161-171 (2018-03-06)
Antioxidant mechanisms to adequately moderate levels of endogenous reactive oxygen species (ROS) are important for oocytes and embryos to obtain and maintain developmental competence, respectively. Immediately after fertilization, ROS levels in zygotes are elevated but the antioxidant mechanisms during the...
Ming Zhou et al.
Anatomical record (Hoboken, N.J. : 2007), 294(4), 729-737 (2011-02-18)
ATP sensitive K(+) (K(ATP) ) channels are important linkage of cell membrane excitability to its cellular bioenergetic state. These channels are composed of pore-forming subunits and regulatory subunits. The present study focused on the cellular expressions and localizations of these...
Maria Cernea et al.
Journal of molecular endocrinology, 56(1), 39-46 (2015-10-23)
Adipose tissue expansion, resulting from adipocyte hyperplasia and/or hypertrophy, is a hallmark of obesity. Adipocytes are derived from mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) through adipogenesis, a process involving three key steps: proliferation, commitment and differentiation. Although studies have elaborated on the...
Localization of sulfonylurea receptor subunits, SUR2A and SUR2B, in rat heart.
Zhou, M; He, HJ; Suzuki, R; Liu, KX; Tanaka, O; Sekiguchi, M; Itoh, H; Kawahara, K; Abe, H
The journal of histochemistry and cytochemistry : official journal of the Histochemistry Society null
Endoplasmic reticulum stress induced in motor neurons by transient spinal cord ischemia in rabbits.
Masahiro Sakurai, Goro Takahashi, Koji Abe, Takashi Horinouchi, Yasuto Itoyama, Koichi Tabayashi
The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery null
Survival and death-promoting events after transient spinal cord ischemia in rabbits: induction of Akt and caspase3 in motor neurons.
Masahiro Sakurai, Tatsuya Nagata, Koji Abe, Takashi Horinouchi, Yasuto Itoyama, Koichi Tabayashi
The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery null
Chika Higuchi et al.
The Journal of reproduction and development, 64(1), 65-74 (2017-12-08)
Maternal RNA/protein degradation and zygotic genome activation (ZGA), occurring during maternal-to-zygotic transition (MZT), are the first essential events for the development of pre-implantation embryos. Previously, we have shown the importance of the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS) for initiation of minor ZGA...
Noriyoshi Usui et al.
Genes & development, 31(20), 2039-2055 (2017-11-16)
The molecular mechanisms driving brain development at risk in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) remain mostly unknown. Previous studies have implicated the transcription factor FOXP1 in both brain development and ASD pathophysiology. However, the specific molecular pathways both upstream of and...
Localization of ATP-sensitive K+ channel subunits in rat submandibular gland.
Zhou, M; He, HJ; Hirano, M; Sekiguchi, M; Tanaka, O; Kawahara, K; Abe, H
The journal of histochemistry and cytochemistry : official journal of the Histochemistry Society null
Effects of corticosteroids in the development of limb muscle weakness in a porcine intensive care unit model.
Aare, S; Radell, P; Eriksson, LI; Akkad, H; Chen, YW; Hoffman, EP; Larsson, L
Physiological Genomics null
Kelly Kawabata Galbraith et al.
Cell reports, 24(1), 95-106 (2018-07-05)
Dendritic filopodia of developing neurons function as environmental sensors, regulating the spatial organization of dendrites and proper targeting to presynaptic partners. Dendritic filopodia morphology is determined by the balance of F-actin assembled via two major nucleating pathways, the ARP2/3 complex...
Maikel Castellano-Pozo et al.
Nature communications, 11(1), 4345-4345 (2020-08-30)
Chromosome movements and programmed DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) promote homologue pairing and initiate recombination at meiosis onset. Meiotic progression involves checkpoint-controlled termination of these events when all homologue pairs achieve synapsis and form crossover precursors. Exploiting the temporo-spatial organisation of...
Edward A Ratovitski
Marine drugs, 14(8) (2016-08-19)
Targeting autophagic pathways might play a critical role in designing novel chemotherapeutic approaches in the treatment of human cancers, and the prevention of tumor-derived chemoresistance. Marine compounds were found to decrease tumor cell growth in vitro and in vivo. Some...
Natsumi Shimizu et al.
The Journal of reproduction and development, 60(3), 179-186 (2014-03-04)
In the mammalian testis, the ubiquitin-proteasome system plays important roles in the process that promotes the formation of mature sperm. We recently identified zygote-specific proteasome assembly chaperone (ZPAC), which is specifically expressed in the mouse gonads and zygote. ZPAC mediates...
Shane A Liddelow et al.
PloS one, 7(3), e33554-e33554 (2012-03-30)
Exchange mechanisms across the blood-cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) barrier in the choroid plexuses within the cerebral ventricles control access of molecules to the central nervous system, especially in early development when the brain is poorly vascularised. However, little is known about...
Glycolysis regulates Hedgehog signalling via the plasma membrane potential.
Spannl, et al.
The Embo Journal, 39, e101767-e101767 (2021)
Ana P Gomes et al.
Nature, 585(7824), 283-287 (2020-08-21)
The risk of cancer and associated mortality increases substantially in humans from the age of 65 years onwards1-6. Nonetheless, our understanding of the complex relationship between age and cancer is still in its infancy2,3,7,8. For decades, this link has largely been...
Ming Zhou et al.
The journal of histochemistry and cytochemistry : official journal of the Histochemistry Society, 53(12), 1491-1500 (2005-06-29)
ATP-sensitive K(+) (K(ATP)) channel subunits on the subcellular structures of rat cardiomyocytes were studied with antibodies against Kir6.1 and Kir6.2. According to the results of Western blot analysis, Kir6.1 was strongly expressed in mitochondrial and microsome fractions, and faintly expressed...
Kentarou Baba et al.
eLife, 7 (2018-08-08)
Growth cones navigate axonal projection in response to guidance cues. However, it is unclear how they can decide the migratory direction by transducing the local spatial cues into protrusive forces. Here we show that knockout mice of Shootin1 display abnormal...
Expression and functional analyses of circadian genes in mouse oocytes and preimplantation embryos: Cry1 is involved in the meiotic process independently of circadian clock regulation.
Amano, T; Matsushita, A; Hatanaka, Y; Watanabe, T; Oishi, K; Ishida, N; Anzai, M; Mitani et al.
Biology of Reproduction null
Satoshi Nishikawa et al.
The Journal of reproduction and development, 59(3), 258-265 (2013-03-02)
Degradation of maternally stored mRNAs after fertilization is an essential process for mammalian embryogenesis. Maternal mRNA degradation depending on deadenylases in mammalian early embryos has been mostly speculated, rather than directly demonstrated. Previously, we found that gene expression of nocturnin...
Testicular cytochrome P450scc and LHR as possible targets of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) in the mouse.
Noriho H Fukuzawa, Seiichiroh Ohsako, Qing Wu, Motoharu Sakaue, Yoshiaki Fujii-Kuriyama et al.
Molecular and cellular endocrinology null
Elevated temperature triggers human respiratory syncytial virus F protein six-helix bundle formation.
Yunus, AS; Jackson, TP; Crisafi, K; Burimski, I; Kilgore, NR; Zoumplis, D; Allaway et al.
Virology null
Season K Wyatt-Johnson et al.
Frontiers in neurology, 12, 651096-651096 (2021-06-22)
Events of status epilepticus (SE) trigger the development of temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE), a type of focal epilepsy that is commonly drug-resistant and is highly comorbid with cognitive deficits. While SE-induced hippocampal injury, accompanied by gliosis and neuronal loss, typically...
Kimiko Inoue et al.
Nature communications, 11(1), 2150-2150 (2020-05-03)
Somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) in mammals is an inefficient process that is frequently associated with abnormal phenotypes, especially in placentas. Recent studies demonstrated that mouse SCNT placentas completely lack histone methylation (H3K27me3)-dependent imprinting, but how it affects placental development...
Protein expression and genetic structure of the coral Porites lobata in an environmentally extreme Samoan back reef: does host genotype limit phenotypic plasticity?
Barshis DJ, Stillman JH, Gates RD, Toonen RJ, Smith LW, Birkeland C
Molecular Ecology null
Placental melatonin production and melatonin receptor expression are altered in preeclampsia: new insights into the role of this hormone in pregnancy.
Dave Lanoix,Pascale Guerin,Cathy Vaillancourt
Journal of Pineal Research null

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