The better way to TEER

Millicell® ERS 3.0 Digital Voltohmmeter

Discover a better way to TEER

The Millicell® ERS 3.0 streamlines data capture with intuitive, user-friendly enhancements. Achieve more stable measurements using a self-standing, in-well probe. Keep track of your results with real-time, on-instrument voltage or resistance data recording.

Simplify analysis across wells and between experiments using a cloud-based application. Obtain consistent readings with low noise, greater resolution, and high accuracy. Optimize your transepithelial electrical resistance experiments with the Millicell® ERS 3.0. 

A new TEER experience

The Millicell® ERS 3.0 offers features for simplified data capture and enhanced analysis.

  • Intuitive touchscreen display
  • Ergonomic standing in-well probe
  • On-instrument data logging and background subtraction
  • Option to export results via ethernet or USB drive, or upload to cloud
  • Corded power or battery pack power source for use on the bench or in the hood
  • Adjustable electrode, compatible with 6-, 12-, and 24-well formats with an accessory probe for 96-well formats
  • Built-in sensor to measure and record media temperature
  • Additional cloud-based application for convenient downstream analysis and data archiving
  • Resistance range of 0 – 100 kΩ, with 1 Ω resolution

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Move up a TEER

Using the Millicell® ERS-2? It might be the right time to upgrade your instrument. Learn more about our Millicell® ERS Instrument Upgrade Program.

Optimize your workflow.

Photograph of scientist handling a Millicell<sup>®</sup> hanging cell culture insert using tweezers

Seed inserts

Seed your cells in Millicell® Cell Culture Inserts or inserts from another supplier. Promote natural, biologically relevant, and multidimensional growth of cell layers in vitro.

    Photograph of the Millicell® DCI Digital cell imager for measuring confluency and cell count, with plate of hanging cell culture inserts in 24-well format on platform

    Use the Millicell® DCI Digital Cell Imager for quick, objective, in-vessel determination of common cell culture parameters including confluency, cell count, and morphology. 

      Photograph of TEER measurement using the Millicell® ERS 3.0 Digital Voltohmmeter with 24-well Millicell® hanging cell culture inserts

      Move to the Millicell® ERS 3.0 for rapid, reliable TEER data. Analyze your experimental data in the cloud from anywhere. Our Connected Lab Instruments support connectivity for a more holistic view of cell health, monolayer structure, and barrier formation for better analysis.

        Photograph of scientist sitting at a desk in an office using Millicell® Cloud features to analyze data

        Analyze your experimental data in the Millicell® Cloud from anywhere. 

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