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Pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers — from startups with bright ideas to companies with worldwide recognition — count on our high-quality products and technologies. Our portfolio, paired with our Millipore® CTDMO Services, is one of the broadest in the industry, helping drive traditional and novel modalities forward.

A solution for every step of Drug Development

You’ll find us in every step of the drug development process — from developing the target protein in the early steps of upstream processing to the many filtration steps of downstream processing. You will find our products and technologies in many of the top biologic therapies.

It’s no secret that taking a drug from the lab to the market takes significant time, energy, and resources. Our products provide much-needed support throughout a molecule’s journey, from upstream to downstream. We help customers develop, manufacture, purify, formulate, and assure the quality of their life-enhancing — and often life-saving — drugs and therapeutics. We are constantly working to develop novel solutions as well.

Process Solutions supports customers across the full pharma value chain

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers require a lengthy list of formulations and raw materials to produce small and large molecules, novel modalities, and biologics. Manufacturers also need offerings that optimize delivery and tests to assure regulatory compliance, both of which are available in this broad portfolio. We advance safe biopharmaceutical manufacturing by using our quality materials, from development to market.

Looking to the future, we imagine that getting a drug from concept to market will take less time, money, space, and water. We suspect that soon the Facility of the Future will become a reality. Our innovative products leverage the power of automation and data to provide a more streamlined and effective production process.

Forward-thinking collaborator

We support customers with a wide array of needs. When a solution exists, we connect them with it. When it doesn’t, we work closely with customers to develop a solution.

Two researchers wear safety glasses and stand next to large bioreactors
A "Playground" for Biomanufacturers

M Lab™ Collaboration Centers provide a rich arena for group work. They allow customers to tweak and tailor processing approaches in a non-GMP setting so they do not compromise existing workflows. M Labs also provide a space for customers to see new products and technologies before integrating them into their facility. Whether visiting in person or connecting virtually, the staff at M Labs are always ready to meet customers’ needs.

Researcher enters data in a computer in a lab setting, wearing glasses, mask, gloves and a lab coat
Collecting Data Live

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers do not just add raw materials, close a reactor, and hope for the best. Data is collected frequently — in some cases constantly — and allow close monitoring of processes and tweaks in temperatures, timelines, and material amounts. An immense amount of data — clocking in around 1 billion data points — comes through during each run, and it’s far too much for an individual to analyze and act quickly without support

Enter the Bio4C™ Software Suite. This system marries advanced process technologies with software, automation and analytics, allowing biomanufacturers to increase production and speed while cutting costs. Integrating this system gets manufacturers one step closer to a digitally-enabled facility of the future.

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