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Aldrich® manifold with trap

male Joint: ST/NS 14/20 (1), male Joints: ST/NS 24/40 (2), PTFE valves



male Joint: ST/NS14/20 (1)
male Joints: ST/NS24/40 (2)


1 hose barb connection

General description

Features four 0-10 mm bore high-vacuum PTFE valves and a removable end cap for easy cleaning. Approx. 580 mm L. In-line trap eliminates extra hookup, thus improving vacuum performance.

NOTICE: We supply high quality PTFE valves on Aldrich brand glassware that has been tested and approved by our Glass Center.


See the Threaded Ground Glass Tutorial to see how threaded joints work.

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Aldrich is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

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