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Cochranes molecular models

minit, DNA, single kit with booklet

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Scale: 2 cm = 0.1 nanometer (1 Å), Minit 3 cm = 0.1 nanometer (1 Å), Orbit


no. of atoms 880
no. of bonds> 1,200


Cochranes 0095

H × W

1 m × 30 cm

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General description

Use this cost-effective set to create an impressive display and teaching model. The built Minit Proview model shows the DNA double helix with up to 15 base pair layers and illustrates more than one turn of the double helix. Every atom is shown, colour-coded, with the correct bonding angles.

Groups can make up the subassemblies: Thymine-Adenine; Cytosine-Guanine, sugar rings and phosphate groups which can then be brought together to make the finished model. The model hangs between two plates from clear strings and comes with comprehensive instructions and a worksheet examining the structure of DNA and the mechanism of transcription.

Scale: 2 cm = 0.1 nanometer (1 A), Minit.
An extensive model system offering 15 atomic bonding configurations in 12 colors of plastic atoms. The carbon atom is represented in nine configurations: linear, trigonal (in five angle variations), tetrahedral, octahedral, trigonal-bipyramidal. Models come in two sizes: Orbit and Minit. Spare atom centers and bonding tubes are available for all model kits.

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VSEPR Chart | Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory

Use our handy VSEPR chart to find the 3-D geometric VSEPR shapes of molecules and ions. Learn about VSEPR theory and shapes like trigonal planar or square pyramidal. VSEPR stands for valence shell electron pair repulsion.

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