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Huazhang Huang et al.
Analytical biochemistry, 431(2), 77-83 (2012-09-25)
The availability of highly sensitive substrates is critical for the development of precise and rapid assays for detecting changes in glutathione S-transferase (GST) activity that are associated with GST-mediated metabolism of insecticides. In this study, six pyrethroid-like compounds were synthesized
Joseph A Adeyemi et al.
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology, 92(5), 529-533 (2013-12-03)
In this study, juvenile catfish (Clarias gariepinus) were exposed to 2 mg/L Pb, 0.5 μg/L cypermethrin, or both for 96 h. Survival ranged from 100% in both treatments without cypermethrin, to 50% in fish exposed to cypermethrin only or the
Biodegradation of cypermethrin by Micrococcus sp. strain CPN 1
Tallur.NP, et al.
Biodegradation, 19, 77-82 (2008)
Fulya Dilek Gokalp Muranli
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology, 90(3), 357-363 (2012-12-12)
The present study aimed to investigate the genotoxic, cytotoxic and aneugenic effects of 1, 2, 3.75, 7.5, 15, 30 μM concentrations of the insecticides λ-cyhalothrin (LCT) and α-cypermethrin (CYP) on human peripheral blood lymphocyte culture using micronucleus (MN) and fluorescence
A Kumar et al.
Cellular and molecular biology (Noisy-le-Grand, France), 58(1), 153-159 (2013-01-01)
The present study was planned to see the changes in the levels of different biochemical stress markers such as the level of lipid peroxidation and the specific activities of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), acid and alkaline phosphatases in different organs such
Zulin Zhang et al.
Journal of separation science, 37(24), 3699-3705 (2014-10-02)
A simple and rapid method was developed for the simultaneous analysis of nine different pesticides in water samples by gas chromatography with mass spectrometry. A number of parameters that may affect the recovery of pesticides, such as the type of
Nonga Hezron E et al.
BMC veterinary research, 8, 224-224 (2012-11-21)
This study aimed at determining the extent of tick infestations in extensively grazed cattle and assess the efficacy of Ecotix® acaricide (2.5% high cis cypermethrin) in Mvomero district in Tanzania. A total of 1200 Tanzanian short horn Zebu (TSHZ) from
Hernán Mugni et al.
Environmental toxicology and pharmacology, 35(1), 88-92 (2012-12-29)
The acute toxicity of cypermethrin to the amphipod Hyalella curvispina was evaluated by means of a toxicity test under laboratory conditions. Cypermethrin is one of the most widely used insecticides in Argentina. H. curvispina is a widely distributed and commonly
Marco A Benamú et al.
Ecotoxicology (London, England), 22(7), 1155-1164 (2013-07-13)
Soybean pest control in Argentina is done just by chemical control using broad-spectrum pesticides. Alpaida veniliae (Araneae, Araneidae) is one of the most abundant spider species of the orb web weaver guild in soybean, and it is considered a very
Lihong Zhang et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 104(48), 19023-19028 (2007-11-21)
Autophagy is a lysosome-dependent cellular catabolic mechanism mediating the turnover of intracellular organelles and long-lived proteins. Reduction of autophagy activity has been shown to lead to the accumulation of misfolded proteins in neurons and may be involved in chronic neurodegenerative
Donald P Weston et al.
Environmental toxicology and chemistry, 32(11), 2460-2468 (2013-07-31)
Pyrethroids are widely used insecticides, but minimal information has been published on their presence in municipal wastewater in the United States. Pyrethroids in wastewater from the Sacramento, California, USA, area consisted of permethrin, bifenthrin, cypermethrin, and cyhalothrin, with a combined
Rajesh Mandarapu et al.
Journal of immunotoxicology, 12(1), 48-55 (2014-02-07)
In the past two decades, hematologic and immunologic disorders in humans have been increasingly reported as a result of pesticide exposures. Therefore, safety assessment is required to assess the effects on hematopoiesis and thus on the immune system in addition
Marie Meyer-Monath et al.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 406(30), 7785-7797 (2014-11-10)
Meconium is the earliest stool of newborns. It is a complex matrix that reflects the degree of fetal exposure to environmental pollutants. To investigate exposure to xenobiotics, an analytical method was developed to identify and quantify some pesticides and their
Yusuke Suzuki et al.
Photochemical & photobiological sciences : Official journal of the European Photochemistry Association and the European Society for Photobiology, 11(12), 1897-1904 (2012-09-01)
A novel radical trapping technique combined with a fluorescence spectroscopic analysis has been employed to investigate the radical intermediates produced by photodecarboxylation of four synthetic pyrethroids: fenvalerate (SMD), fenpropathrin (DTL), cyphenothrin (GKL), and cypermethrin (AGT). Under photoirradiation at >290 nm
James M Starr et al.
Toxicology, 320, 15-24 (2014-03-19)
National surveys of United States households and child care centers have demonstrated that pyrethroids are widely distributed in indoor habited dwellings and this suggests that co-exposure to multiple pyrethroids occurs in nonoccupational settings. The purpose of this research was to
P C Page et al.
Veterinary parasitology, 203(1-2), 184-188 (2014-03-25)
The efficacy of untreated and alphacypermethrin-treated high density polyethylene (HDPE) mesh against Culicoides biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) was determined using Onderstepoort downdraught black light traps and a contact bioassay. Three traps were operated overnight in four replicates of a 3×3
Felipe Tucca et al.
Marine pollution bulletin, 88(1-2), 174-179 (2014-10-06)
Current monitoring programs are focused on hydrophobic chemicals detection in aquatic systems, which require the collection of high volumes of water samples at a given time. The present study documents the preliminary use of the polymer ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)
Naeem Abbas et al.
Parasitology research, 114(1), 247-255 (2014-10-25)
Imidacloprid, a neonicotinoid insecticide, has been used frequently for the management of Musca domestica L., (Diptera: Muscidae) worldwide. To design the strategy for resistance management, life history traits were established for imidacloprid-resistant, susceptible counterpart, and reciprocal crosses M. domestica strains
Carcinogenic and cocarcinogenic potential of cypermethrin on mouse skin
Shukla Y, et al.
Cancer Letters, 182, 33-41 (2002)
María Carla Cecere et al.
Journal of medical entomology, 50(2), 394-403 (2013-04-02)
The effectiveness of two doses of suspension concentrate (SC) pyrethroid insecticides in suppressing peridomestic populations of Triatoma infestans (Klug) was evaluated in 28 rural communities located in Santiago del Estero province, northwestern Argentina, including 388 houses and 1,516 identified sites.
George P Lahm et al.
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters, 15(22), 4898-4906 (2005-09-17)
A novel class of anthranilic diamides has been discovered with exceptional insecticidal activity on a range of Lepidoptera. These compounds have been found to exhibit their action by release of intracellular Ca2+ stores mediated by the ryanodine receptor. The discovery
Gagan Jyot et al.
Environmental monitoring and assessment, 185(7), 5703-5714 (2012-11-02)
Dissipation of chlorpyriphos and cypermethrin in chilli was studied following three applications of a combination formulation of Nurelle-D 505 (chlorpyriphos 50% + cypermethrin 5%) at 1 and 2 L ha(-1) at an interval of 15 days. Residues of chlorpyriphos and cypermethrin in chilli
Tristan D McClure-Begley et al.
Biochemical pharmacology, 91(1), 87-96 (2014-06-24)
Activation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) can elicit neurotransmitter release from presynaptic nerve terminals. Mechanisms contributing to cell-and-terminal specific regulation of nAChR-mediated neurotransmitter exocytosis are not fully understood. The experiments discussed here examine how activation of GABAB auto- and hetero-receptors
Riin Muljar et al.
Journal of insect physiology, 58(11), 1469-1476 (2012-09-11)
Sublethal effects of pesticides in insects can be observed through physiological changes, which are commonly estimated by metabolic rate and respiratory patterns, more precisely by the patterns of discontinuous gas-exchange (DGE) cycles. The aim of the present research was to
Susana Grimalt et al.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 407(11), 3083-3091 (2015-01-30)
The feasibility of the production of a reference material for pesticide residue analysis in a cucumber matrix was investigated. Cucumber was spiked at 0.075 mg/kg with each of the 15 selected pesticides (acetamiprid, azoxystrobin, carbendazim, chlorpyrifos, cypermethrin, diazinon, (α + β)-endosulfan, fenitrothion, imazalil
Shuangying Yu et al.
Environmental toxicology and chemistry, 32(9), 2056-2064 (2013-05-21)
It has been suggested that Xenopus laevis is less sensitive than other amphibians to some chemicals, and therefore, that the Frog Embryo Teratogenesis Assay-Xenopus (FETAX) may have limited use in risk assessments for other amphibians. However, comparisons are based mostly
Huizhen Li et al.
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 190, 19-26 (2014-04-08)
The dynamic flux of an organophosphate and four pyrethroid pesticides was determined in an air-(soil)-water-sediment system based on monitoring data from Guangzhou, China. The total air-water flux, including air-water gaseous exchange and atmospheric deposition, showed deposition from air to water
Ningfeng Tang et al.
Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research, 38(11), 2722-2730 (2014-11-26)
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, the leading known cause of mental retardation, is caused by alcohol exposure during pregnancy. One mechanism of ethanol (EtOH) teratogenicity is the disruption of the functions of L1 cell adhesion molecule (L1). These functions include enhancement
Hassane Adakal et al.
Experimental & applied acarology, 59(4), 483-491 (2012-09-13)
Traditional systems account for 95 % of the livestock produced in Burkina Faso. Tick infestation hampers livestock productivity in this area. However, little information exists on tick-control practices used by livestock farmers. We interviewed 60 stockbreeders working in traditional farming systems
Tony H Hughes et al.
Journal of medical entomology, 51(3), 709-712 (2014-06-06)
Tick-borne diseases pose significant risks to U.S. military personnel who conduct operations, both domestic and abroad. To determine the feasibility of protecting personnel from tick vectors during short-term field deployments, acaricides cypermethrin (Demon WP, Syngenta, Greensboro, NC) and lambda-cyhalothrin (Surrender
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