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SMCxPRO™ Immunoassay Instrument and SMC™ Kits
High Sensitivity Protein Measurement at the fg/mL level Synonym: SMC, Singulex, single molecule counting, xPRO
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Calculators & Apps
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Win a BRAND® Accu-jet® Pipette Controller
Win a BRAND accu-jet pipette controller
Brianna Manning
Microbiologist Brianna Manning is working to find new methods of treating Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. She explains why phages could be a solution, and who inspires her to keep striving for answers.
Ramis Arbi
Working in the field of photovoltaics, Ph.D. candidate Ramis Arbi tells us about the challenges of breaking free from fossil fuels.
Pardis Sabeti
Pardis Sabeti is a professor of computational biology, working to predict and track future infectious disease outbreaks. She explains how sharing data will help us win the war on infectious disease.
Kevin Lam
Dr. Kevin Lam, Associate Professor at the University of Greenwich, tells us about his journey within electrosynthesis: from its beginnings as a niche discipline to the burgeoning field it is today.
Micaella Jorge
Micaella Jorge is a research scientist focused on diagnostic development. She tells us how she is currently working on a diagnostic device that could differentiate between bacterial and viral infections, and the positive impact it could have in the future.
Fahad Shafiq
Having recently completed his Ph.D., Dr. Fahad Shafiq is on a mission to boost crop productivity and feed our growing global population – here he tells us about his inspiration.
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Product Licenses
Learn more about licensing requirements for some of our catalog and custom products, including our Mission RNA products.
Michael Crocker
Michael Crocker tells us about his prize-winning work at Vanderbilt University and his constant desire to keep learning.
Virtual Patent Markings
The following products are covered by one or more patents or patent applications in the United States of America and elsewhere.
Email Carts & Consolidation
Benefit from a workflow model that supports group buying and consolidation of shopping cart emails into one single shopping cart.
Mila Emerald
A researcher based in Canada, Professor Dr. Mila Emerald has a distinguished background in nanotechnology and drug development – she told us how she got where she is today.
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Miranda Imeri
Miranda Imeri founded the Kosovo Wildlife Society and is the first person in the country to achieve an MSc as a wildlife engineer. She aims to protect large carnivores including the critically endangered lynx as she continues her Ph.D. research.
Jamil Mahmud
Jamil Mahmud is a PhD student researching the human cytomegalovirus (HCMV). His ambition is to revolutionize the current anti-HCMV treatment and develop one that prevents HCMV infection and diseases associated with the virus itself.
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Rui Zhang
Rui Zhang is a chemist working on his PhD in organic synthesis at the University of Chicago. He told us about the importance of a good advisor and seeing every result as a learning opportunity
Hazard and Precautionary Statements
Look up hazard codes, precautionary statements, and find the full descriptions to match GHS pictograms commonly displayed on laboratory chemicals.
Quality Management Systems
Inspections from authorities, customer and internal audits, customer feedback, along with targeted quality improvement plans provide the input for maintaining these highest standards, as well as for continuously improving our systems, processes and products.
Maria Isabel Amorin
María Isabel Amorín is a MSc student at the University of Edinburgh and the creator of CrustaTec, a project that aims to solve two of Guatemala’s biggest environmental problems in one go.
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas tells us about his research to replace synthetic fertilizers with sustainable alternatives to help solve the problem of rising global food demand.
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