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Apolline Imbard et al.
International journal of environmental research and public health, 10(9), 4352-4389 (2013-09-21)
Neural tube defects (NTDs) are common complex congenital malformations resulting from failure of the neural tube closure during embryogenesis. It is established that folic acid supplementation decreases the prevalence of NTDs, which has led to national public health policies regarding
Henrik Kempe et al.
Pharmaceutical research, 32(2), 375-388 (2014-08-12)
To develop and evaluate molecularly imprinted nanocarriers for sustained release of erythromycin in physiological buffer media. Erythromycin-imprinted poly(methacrylic acid-co-trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate) nanocarriers and corresponding control nanocarriers were prepared by free-radical precipitation polymerization. The nanocarriers were characterized by transmission electron microscopy, dynamic
Arnold L M Dekkers et al.
The Journal of nutrition, 144(12), 2083-2091 (2014-10-17)
For the evaluation of both the adequacy of intakes and the risk of excessive intakes of micronutrients, all potential sources should be included. In addition to micronutrients naturally present in foods, micronutrients can also be derived from fortified foods and
Wei-liang Ye et al.
PloS one, 9(5), e97358-e97358 (2014-05-16)
A PEG-based, folate mediated, active tumor targeting drug delivery system using DOX-hyd-PEG-FA nanoparticles (NPs) were prepared. DOX-hyd-PEG-FA NPs showed a significantly faster DOX release in pH 5.0 medium than in pH 7.4 medium. Compared with DOX-hyd-PEG NPs, DOX-hyd-PEG-FA NPs increased
[Pregnancy again? The importance of folic acid].
Sarah Poulin-Chartrand
Perspective infirmiere : revue officielle de l'Ordre des infirmieres et infirmiers du Quebec, 11(3), 10-10 (2014-05-28)
Patrick O'Donoghue et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111(48), 17206-17211 (2014-11-19)
Expanding the genetic code is an important aim of synthetic biology, but some organisms developed naturally expanded genetic codes long ago over the course of evolution. Less than 1% of all sequenced genomes encode an operon that reassigns the stop
Xiali Zhu et al.
Journal of drug targeting, 22(9), 822-828 (2014-06-26)
This report focuses on the in vitro and in vivo anti-cancer effects evaluation of targeting and photothermal sensitive solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) for the co-loading of docetaxel (DTX), oxidized single-walled carbon nanotubes (OSWNT) and folic acid (FA). Compared with free
Per Ashorn et al.
The American journal of clinical nutrition, 101(2), 387-397 (2015-02-04)
Small birth size, often associated with insufficient maternal nutrition, contributes to a large share of global child undernutrition, morbidity, and mortality. We developed a small-quantity lipid-based nutrient supplement (SQ-LNS) to enrich the diets of pregnant women. The objective was to
Collin J Weber et al.
Surgery, 154(6), 1385-1393 (2013-11-12)
Human pituitary adenomas express folate receptors (FR); therefore, we hypothesized that parathyroid (PT) tumors also might express FR, whereas normal human thyroids might not. The purpose of our study was to characterize the functionality of FRs on human PT tumors
Audrey J Gaskins et al.
Obstetrics and gynecology, 124(1), 23-31 (2014-06-06)
To evaluate prospectively the relationship between prepregnancy folate intake and risk of spontaneous abortion and stillbirth. Women in the Nurses' Health Study II who self-reported a pregnancy between 1992 and 2009 were included in this analysis. Dietary folate and supplement
Myra A Carpenter et al.
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN, 25(7), 1554-1562 (2014-03-15)
The optimal BP level in kidney transplant recipients remains uncertain. This post hoc analysis of the Folic Acid for Vascular Outcome Reduction in Transplantation (FAVORIT) trial cohort assessed associations of BP with a pooled cardiovascular disease (CVD) outcome and with
Shaolian Zhang et al.
The Analyst, 139(23), 6259-6265 (2014-10-15)
A highly sensitive and recyclable quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) biosensor was developed using chitosan (CS) and folic acid (FA), generating conjugates that are selectively recognized by MCF-7 cancer cell over-expressed folic acid receptors. The prepared CS-FA conjugate was characterized by
Estelle Cateau et al.
Research in microbiology, 165(10), 847-851 (2014-12-03)
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia, a bacteria involved in healthcare-associated infections, can be found in hospital water systems. Other microorganisms, such as Free Living amoebae (FLA), are also at times recovered in the same environment. Amongst these protozoa, many authors have reported the
Amir Al-Dabagh et al.
American journal of clinical dermatology, 14(3), 155-161 (2013-04-12)
Methotrexate (MTX) is an effective treatment for psoriasis but its use is limited by its toxicity. Folate supplementation can be used to reduce the adverse effects of MTX, though this may impact efficacy. The frequency of folic acid supplementation is
Cristina Müller et al.
Journal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine, 54(12), 2168-2174 (2013-11-08)
In recent years, implementation of (68)Ga-radiometalated peptides for PET imaging of cancer has attracted the attention of clinicians. Herein, we propose the use of (44)Sc (half-life = 3.97 h, average β(+) energy [Eβ(+)av] = 632 keV) as a valuable alternative
Growth and nutrition in children with food allergy requiring amino acid-based nutritional formulas.
Karen A Robbins et al.
The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology, 134(6), 1463-1466 (2014-12-03)
Suranjana Mukherjee et al.
PloS one, 10(2), e0118153-e0118153 (2015-02-28)
Natural Killer (NK) cells perform many functions that depend on actin assembly, including adhesion, chemotaxis, lytic synapse assembly and cytolysis. HS1, the hematopoietic homolog of cortactin, binds to Arp2/3 complex and promotes actin assembly by helping to form and stabilize
Alvin Nursalim et al.
Acta medica Indonesiana, 45(2), 150-156 (2013-06-19)
to determine whether the administration of folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 would lead to reduction of cardiovascular complication and mortality among CKD patients. a search was conducted on PubMed and Google. The selection of title and abstract was
P M Tedeschi et al.
Cell death & disease, 4, e877-e877 (2013-10-26)
Recent observations on cancer cell metabolism indicate increased serine synthesis from glucose as a marker of poor prognosis. We have predicted that a fraction of the synthesized serine is routed to a pathway for ATP production. The pathway is composed
Cynthia K Colapinto et al.
The British journal of nutrition, 112(11), 1873-1881 (2014-10-09)
Fortification of select grain products with folic acid and periconceptional supplementation recommendations in Canada and the USA have improved folate status, and have been associated with a reduced risk of neural tube defects. In the present study, we aimed to
Cheng Yang et al.
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology, 13(10), 6553-6559 (2013-11-20)
In this study, thermosensitive and folate functionalized poly(ethylene oxide)-b-poly(propylene oxide)-b-poly(ethylene oxide)-ploy(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) (FA-Pluronic-PNH) copolymer was synthesized. The structure and molecular weight of the copolymer were confirmed by 1H NMR, FT-IR and GPC, respectively. The lower critical solution temperature (LCST) of
W Al-Darzi et al.
Eastern Mediterranean health journal = La revue de sante de la Mediterranee orientale = al-Majallah al-sihhiyah li-sharq al-mutawassit, 20(9), 561-568 (2014-10-25)
Egypt has a high incidence of neural tube defects. Folic acid supplementation in the periconceptional period is known to lower the risk of such defects. This cross-sectional study aimed to measure the level of knowledge about periconceptional folic acid use
Sonia Trombino et al.
Anticancer research, 33(11), 4847-4854 (2013-11-14)
The aim of the present study was to prepare a hydrogel, based on ellagic acid and glycine, embedded with folic acid, as a subcutaneous implant for the treatment of breast cancer. The function of folic acid is to selectively and
Rima Obeid et al.
Journal of perinatal medicine, 41(5), 469-483 (2013-03-14)
Women have higher requirements for folate during pregnancy. An optimal folate status must be achieved before conception and in the first trimester when the neural tube closes. Low maternal folate status is causally related to neural tube defects (NTDs). Many
Mattias Johansson et al.
Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 106(12), doi:10-doi:10 (2014-11-08)
The etiology of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is only partially understood, but a metabolic component appears likely. We investigated biomarkers of one-carbon metabolism and RCC onset and survival. The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) recruited 385747 participants
Jack Metz
South African medical journal = Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir geneeskunde, 103(12 Suppl 1), 978-981 (2013-12-05)
Reports from some Western countries indicate that mandatory folate food fortification (FFF) has substantially reduced the prevalence of folate deficiency, leading to calls for folate testing following FFF to be limited to specific indications such as macrocytic anaemia. This is
Inong R Gunanti et al.
The Journal of nutrition, 144(12), 2027-2033 (2014-11-21)
Micronutrient status may be a contributing factor to the development of childhood obesity in many industrializing countries passing the nutritional transition. The few studies investigating associations between serum concentrations of vitamin B and intake of B vitamins with adiposity, however
Qiusha Tang et al.
PloS one, 9(9), e106483-e106483 (2014-09-05)
A practical and effective strategy for synthesis of Folate-NIR 797-conjugated Magnetic Albumin Nanospheres (FA-NIR 797-MAN) was developed. For this strategy, Magnetic Albumin Nanospheres (MAN), composed of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) and bovine serum albumin (BSA), were covalently conjugated with
Van-Minh Le et al.
European journal of medicinal chemistry, 92, 882-889 (2015-02-14)
Traditional chemotherapeutic drugs remain the major treatment for advanced colorectal cancer. However, due to the lack of tumor specificity these drug also destroy healthy tissue and organs, which has been the main reason for treatment failure and mortality. Folate-based drug
David W Baker et al.
Acta biomaterialia, 10(7), 2945-2955 (2014-04-15)
Plasticity of macrophage (MΦ) phenotypes exist in a spectrum from classically activated (M1) cells, to alternatively activated (M2) cells, contributing to both the normal healing of tissues and the pathogenesis of implant failure. Here, folate- and mannose-based optical probes were
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