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Small Molecule Library Design

Breakthroughs feel closer than ever with Aldrich Market Select, a searchable online order center for small molecule library design comprised of over 14 million chemicals from suppliers around the world. These products range from drug-like compounds for testing in molecular screening to synthetic building blocks for use in chemical synthesis.

Searching, procuring, formatting, and managing orders and shipments of compounds for small molecule screening libraries is a time-consuming task that requires constant attention. Streamline the process with our exceptional expertise and offering of dependable Aldrich Market Select products and services so you can keep your focus on drug discovery.

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Aldrich Market Select offers access to:

  • Diverse selection of over 14 million products developed either in-house or sourced from 80 reliable suppliers
  • A self-service library portal for instant access to our database of more than 8 million unique chemical structures
  • Adaptable compound libraries, from small kits to tens of thousands of individual compounds
  • Customized formatting according to your specifications
  • Comprehensive management of international compliance documentation and shipping logistics to avoid delays and fees
  • Library informatics with full structural data set including plate/box map

All chemicals are easily searchable via structure, MDL number, CAS number, or chemical name and can be added directly to a shopping cart to order or download the search results & shopping cart into a SD file or excel file to perform further product screening. 

Start building your screening compound or building block library today.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Expedite the Acquisition of Your Customized Library in Five Simple Steps



Upload a structure or product list for exact, substructure, or similarity searches on

  • File Type: SDF or SMI (SMILES)
  • ID Type: SMILES, MFCD Numbers, INCHI, Structure ID, CAS Number
  • Pre-search filter options: in-stock MilliporeSigma products, MW, CLogP, and more
    • Sort and filter by chemical properties, price, quantity, and availability
    • View products with compliance alerts
    • Recommend best value based on target quantity and price
    • Compile your compound list to match your needs
      Request Quote
      • Simple list transfer from the platform
      • Specify target quantity (1mg-1g) or concentration
      • Request special formatting
        • o Vessel of choice: individual vials, 96- or 384-well plates
        • o Neat compounds or solutions in specified concentrations 
        • o Barcoding and custom labeling
      • Clarify any additional requirements (delivery deadlines, etc.) and submit

      A quote is provided within 72 hours for most inquiries. For more complex projects, we will notify you if more time is required for the quote.

        • Consultation with one of our specialists to meet your budget and delivery requirements
        • Adjustments to list of quotable items, weight, or quantity of requested compounds
        • Finalized quote provided
          Order & Shipment
          • Finish order by providing a purchase order or credit card
          • Shipments to single or multiple locations scheduled according to project needs (as soon as available or consolidated)
          • Management of shipment tracking, customs clearance, and Importer of Record responsibilities 
          • Guaranteed compliance with Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)
          • Electronic data file in SDF and XLS formats is provided with every shipment

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