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Field and laboratory studies to assess the effects of Vertimec(®) 18EC on Daphnia similis.

Ecotoxicology and environmental safety (2011-09-23)
Andréa Novelli, Bruna H Vieira, Ana M Vasconcelos, Alberto C Peret, Evaldo L G Espíndola

The present study aimed to evaluate the interactions of the pesticide Vertimec(®) 18EC in aquatic ecosystems. In this respect, soil plots were contaminated with Vertimec(®) 18EC at the concentration indicated for strawberry crops (0.125L of solution m(-2)). After the contamination, torrential rainfall was simulated and the surface runoff was collected and transferred to mesocosm tanks in five treatments, run in triplicate: (1) control-C; (2) runoff from an uncontaminated plot-UR; (3) runoff from the plot contaminated with Vertimec(®) 18EC-CR; (4) direct application of Vertimec(®) 18EC in the water-V and (5) water samples gathered randomly to verify whether there was contamination between the mesocosms-RS. Water samples from these tanks were also submitted to ecotoxicological tests with Daphnia similis and analyses to evaluate the limnological characteristics, in five collection periods over 10 days (240h). Physical and chemical differences were observed in the water samples, mainly related to increased turbidity, suspended solids and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphate forms). Acute toxicity was observed for the direct application treatment for the entire experimental period, and in some periods for the CR treatment (from 48h to 168h). The results obtained suggest that the pesticide did not fully degrade during the study period (10 days) in the direct application treatment, demonstrating that the presence of other substances in the commercial formulation contribute to the maintenance of toxicity. This represents a potential risk for aquatic ecosystems in areas adjacent to where the chemical is applied.

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