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Cell uptake enhancement of folate targeted polymer coated magnetic nanoparticles.

Journal of biomedical nanotechnology (2013-07-19)
Mariano Licciardi, Cinzia Scialabba, Gennara Cavallaro, Claudio Sangregorio, Elvira Fantechi, Gaetano Giammona

Dual targeted drug delivery systems represent a potential platform for developing efficient vector to tumor sites. In this study we evaluated a folate- and magnetic-targeted nanocarriers based on 10 nm iron oxide nanodomais coated with the properly synthesized and characterized folic acid (FA)-functionalized amphiphilic copolymer PHEA-PLA-PEG-FA. FA was chemically conjugated to one end of diamino-polyethylene glycol of 2000 Da, in order to ensure its exposition on the polymer coated magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs-FA). The prepared nanoparticles have been exhaustively characterized by different methods, including DLS, SEM, FT-IR and magnetic measurements. Magnetic nanoparticles showed dimension of about 37 nm with a narrow size distribution and a characteristic superparamagnetic behaviour. The lack of cytotoxicity of MNPs-FA and MNPs was assessed both on MCF7 cells, used as a model tumor cell line, and on 16HBE, used as normal human cell model, by evaluating cell viability using MTS assay, while the preferential internalization of MNPs-FA into tumor cells rather that into normal cells was confirmed by the quantization of internalized iron oxide. Uptake studies were also performed in the presence of a permanent magnet in order to verify the synergistic effect of magnetic field in enhancing the internalization of magnetic nanoparticles. Finally, real-time confocal microscopy experiments were carried out to further confirmed that FA ligand enhances the MNPs-FA accumulation into cancer cell cytoplasm.

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Folic acid, ≥97%
Folic acid, BioReagent, suitable for cell culture, suitable for insect cell culture, suitable for plant cell culture, ≥97%
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