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Supel™ QuE Z-Sep Sorbents for QuEChERS

Supel™ QuE Z-Sep sorbents enhance sample cleanup for complex matrices by effectively removing more fat and color from sample extracts than traditional phases for QuEChERS. By eliminating problematic matrix interferences, Z-Sep products provide more robust LC-MS and GC-MS methods. This proprietary technology can replace C18 and PSA phases in your current methods without additional method development.

Supel™ QuE Z-Sep/C18, a combination of Discovery® DSC-18 and Z-Sep particles, is recommended for samples containing <15% fat. Supel QuE Z-Sep+, C18 and Z-Sep dual bonded to silica, is recommended for cleanup of samples containing >15% fat. Supel QuE Z-Sep is recommended for the anlysis of hydrophobic analytes in fatty matrices.

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