PureSolv Micro 100 Liter solvent purification system

with activated molecular sieves column, Joint: ST/NS 29/32 EU


anodized aluminum frame
stainless steel fittings
stainless steel tubing


Joint ST/NS joint29/32 Stainless Steel
Joint: ST/NS29/32 EU


Column valve: Swagelok Stainless Steel, 3-way
Leak Rate- no detectable leaks with helium mass spectrometer (sensitivity of 5 x 10-6 std cc/sec)
Scrubbing capacity- 5 weight % water absorption, approx 100 L solvent


Innovative Technologies


5 psi pressure

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Description générale

"Easy access to smaller volumes of anhydrous solvent"
The Pure Solv Micro solvent purification system is designed as both an economic and space friendly alternative to the larger more traditional free standing units, only 12 in. W x 13 in. D x 19 in. H. This purification system will remove water from approximately 100 L of solvent using the same proven design as the Innovative Technology, Inc. Pure Solv MD system. Pure Solv Micro is perfect for the researcher with modest requirements for a single anhydrous solvent who prefers the convenience of having a dedicated solvent drying and dispensing station. No longer do you have to share; now you can have your own.

  • Pure Solv Micro has been packaged so that it can be placed on a bench top, inside a fume hood or flammable cabinet as desired by the researcher in charge
  • Pure Solv Micro facilitates proper air free dispensing techniques using an integrated gas and vacuum manifold system. A KNF Laboport solid PTFE vacuum pump, 20 L pumping speed or house vacuum is recommended for use with Pure Solv systems
  • All systems include a size 24/40 or 29/32 stainless steel glassware adapter
  • Small capacity 4 L reservoirs include custom designed, leak-tight, clamp style cap and Swagelok quick-disconnect valves for easy handling and refilling
  • Pure Solv Micro is bonded and grounded to remove hazards associated with electrostatic discharge and ensure safe operating environment
  • Exhaust connections available
  • Inert gases used: Nitrogen- Argon
  • Purifying material: Based on solvent type-order separately
  • Attainable purity: Low PPM H2O and O2
  • Solvent volume per charge on the column: approx. 50 mL
  • Solvent residency time on the column: approx. 4 h

ORDERING NOTE: Order Pure Solv Micro with the appropriate activated purification column. Solvent purification columns are disposable. Additional activated columns may be ordered when replacement is necessary. Order spill tray separately.

Informations légales

Pure Solv is a trademark of Inert Corp.
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