Whatman® MicroPlus STL membranes for microbiological control

MicroPlus-21 STL membrane circles white, for Membrane-Butler, cellulose nitrate, diam. 50 mm, pore size 0.45 μm, black grid, sterile, pkg of 400 ea

Whatman filter, filter Whatman, Whatman filters


black grid
cellulose nitrate




pkg of 400 ea


Whatman 10407114
Whatman Article No. 28415188 (US reference)


50 mm

Dimension de pores

0.45 μm

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Description générale

To protect the consumer, the absence of microbial contamination in foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics must be assured.

In these products the microorganism counts are very low and are therefore determined quantitatively via enrichment methods. Production processes are monitored continuously at their critical points (tanks, pipelines, filling units) as are the finished products. The membrane filtration method is the optimal analytical method for doing this.

The liquid is filtered through a membrane. The microorganisms collect on the membrane surface. The filter is incubated on a nutrient medium and the individual colonies can then be evaluated. The method is also suitable for large sample volumes and low microorganism counts.

The quality control and product design of our membrane filters are strictly controlled and offer users significant advantages.

Test parameters:
All membranes used for microbiological quality control are tested systematically in order to ensure the same high quality from batch to batch. Parameters tested are bubble point, flow rate, bacterial retention, recovery rate, and sterility.

Type STL in dispenser boxes with 100 numbered membrane filters for easy removal and safe handling, for use with most commercially available membrane dispensers including the Membrane-Butler (supplied in 4 boxes each with 100 membrane filters) ME Membranes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Special membrane filters made from cellulose nitrate developed for microbiological quality control
  • High mechanical strength
  • High flow rate
  • Sterile, individually packed
  • All membrane filters have a high-contrast grid (3.1 mm)

Autres remarques

Global SIAL customers (excluding Japan) can now order any product from the Cytiva Life Sciences consumables portfolio (prepack only) using GE′s product numbering system.

The legacy GE Whatman products that use the SIAL "Z" product numbering system will be discontinued and directly replaced with a product number using a "WHA" prefix plus the GE product code. For reference, the legacy "Z" product number is identified as a synonym on the "WHA" product number listing.

Informations légales

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