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Listeria SwabCheck

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Listeria SwabCheck


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Listeria SwabCheck
Listeria Isolation SwabCheck is designed to be used alongside traditional selective methods to improve the quality system and minimize the risk of Listeria contamination. This simple to use diagnostic test can be applied anywhere in the environment and on foodstuffs where the presence of Listeria species would be critical. Listeria sp and specifically Listeria monocytogenes are rapidly becoming the most important pathogen in the food industry; regulatory bodies from around the world are insisting that all food products are Listeria free. Listeria Isolation SwabCheck works on an enhanced Esculin media formulation. The hydrolysis of esculin gives a distinctive black/brown precipitate. Inhibitors and antibiotics are present in the media, which will inhibit the growth of non-Listeria species
The SwabCheck principle
The surface is wiped with a cellulose swab and any bacteria collected are transferred via the swab into a tube containing a special medium with an indicator dye, which is then incubated. A single bacterium is sufficient to cause a color change. This means that SwabCheck is about 1000 times more sensitive than the conventional ATP method. This accuracy is particularly important in the food industry. With this simple method, it is possible to identify microorganisms such as Listeria monocytogenes, which must not be present in any concentration in food and beverages.

Features and Benefits
  • The right test for each type of contamination
  • Qualitative and semi-quantitative hygiene control
  • Sterile packed and ready-for-use
  • Easy to handle
  • Rapid results
  • Long shelf-life
  • SwabCheck use

Handling is easy. Open the sterile pack, remove the swab and wipe it over an area of about 10 x 10 cm. Then twist off the cap of the medium tube and insert the swab so that the cap fits tightly. Label the sample tube and incubate at the appropriate temperature.

A change in color indicates the presence of the microorganism in question. The quicker the color change occurs, the higher the bioburden. If no color change has been observed after the maximum incubation period has elapsed, then the corresponding microorganism is not present.GVS offers SwabCheck in packs of 25 pieces. Shelf-life of 12 months.

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Field of Use : For internal research use only. Products are not intended for diagnostic use or resale.
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