Millipak® Express Filter

0.22 µm membrane filter for particulate-free and bacteria-free water at the point of dispense, For use with Elix® Advantage and Milli-Q® Advantage A10 / Direct / Integral / Reference systems

Millipak® Express 40 Filter


filter (polyethersulfone)
styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) housing




removal of particulates and bacteria





Dimension de pores

0.22 μm pore size


for use with Elix® Advantage
for use with Milli-Q® Advantage A10
for use with Milli-Q® Direct
for use with Milli-Q® Integral
for use with Milli-Q® Reference

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Description générale

The Millipak® 0.22 μm hydrophilic membrane filter produces particulate- and bacteria-free water at the point of dispense of the Milli-Q® Integral, Milli-Q® Advantage A10, Milli-Q® Direct, Milli-Q® Reference and Milli-Q® Reference A+ water purification systems. The filter is designed with a 0.22 μm PES (polyethersulfone) asymmetric membrane filter, heat-sealed on a styrene acrylonitrile housing. This minimizes organic and inorganic extractable release.


Provides filtered water suitable for most analytical techniques used in the laboratory (e.g., preparation of solutions used in spectrophotometry, pH measurement, titrations, atomic absorption, Kjeldahl analysis, and HPLC).

Caractéristiques et avantages

  • The membrane is supported by a rigid plastic disc with channels that ensures high water flow and resistance to pressure variations without the risk of membrane rupture.
  • Millipak® membrane filters use the unique, clean stacked disc design, allowing minimal hold-up volume and particle shedding.
  • The filters are designed with a 0.22 μm PES (polyethersulfone) asymmetric membrane filter heat-sealed on a SAN (styrene acrylonitrile) housing.
  • The membrane′s conical pores allow a high flow rate at a low differential pressure.
  • The membrane, housing material and production processes have been selected to minimize organic and inorganic extractable release.
  • Connects to the outlet of the water delivery point, such as the PODs of Milli-Q® water purification systems.
  • The protective bell protects against intrusion of airborne bacteria contamination during dispensing.
  • Each filter is individually tested and delivered with a Certificate of Quality.
  • Care-free maintenance: the filter is easily fitted and replaced.


0.22 μm membrane filter

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Directions for Use

  • Organism Retention: Microorganisms
  • Mode of Action: Filtering
  • Application: General laboratory analysis
  • Intended Use: Water purification
  • Instructions for Use: This item provides water filtered through 0.22 μm sterilizing-grade membranes, and is considered to be a pesticide device under FIFRA . Refer to system equipment user guide section "Using the System" (available on USB key in the system box)
  • Storage Statement: Store in dry location
  • Disposal Statement: Dispose of in accordance with applicable federal, state and local regulations.

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ELIX is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
MILLIPAK is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Milli-Q is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

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