Automatic Sanitization Module (ASM)

For use with Large Systems, Inhibits the biofilm build-up inside the SDS-200 and 350-liter storage tanks

Automatic Sanitization Module (ASM) Large Systems


UV lamp inhibits bacteria growth and biofilm formation on the inner walls of the tank.


32 cm (12.6 in.)


for use with Elix®
for use with RiOs Large

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Description générale

Automatic Sanitization Module (ASM) UV accessory is fabricated to minimize bacterial growth and biofilm build up inside the tank during storage. ASM device is installed directly into the top cover of the SDS-200 and 350-liter storage tanks.
The ASM is operated and controlled directly by RiOs or Elix® water purification systems. No mains power required.


ASM unit supports Essential Storage & Distribution Systems (SDS) that stores 200 to 350 Liters of pure water.

Caractéristiques et avantages

  • Contains a 254 nm low-pressure mercury vapor UV lamp, selected for its germicidal effectiveness.
  • Compact design, allowing easy installation in the top of SDS reservoirs.
  • Pre-programmable intervals of 10 min/day automatic UV illumination for optimized efficiency.
  • UV lamp exchange alarm for optimum performance and easy maintenance.
  • Eliminates the need for regular chemical sanitization.
  • Allow an additional 250 mm (9.8 inches) above SDS for installation and replacement of UV lamp.
  • Length of cable for connection to the RiOs or Elix® system: 5 meters (16.4 feet).

Autres remarques

Directions for Use
  • Organism Retention: Bacteria
  • Mode of Action: UV
  • Application: Biochemical and pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Intended Use: Water purification
  • Instructions for Use: This item provides water exposed to bactericidal UV lamp, and is considered to be a pesticide device under FIFRA. Please refer to "User Manual Automatic Sanitization Module", chapter "ASM installation" in the package.
  • Storage Statement: Store in dry location.
  • Disposal Statement: Dispose of in accordance with applicable federal, state and local regulations.

Informations légales

ELIX is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
RIOS is a trademark of Millipore Corporation


10-13 - German Storage Class 10 to 13

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