Grace Bio-Labs CultureWell removable chambered coverglass

size 16 wells , Round



silicone (on glass)




wells 16


Grace Bio-Labs 112358

L externe × l × profondeur

80.7 mm × 20.5 mm × 13.7 mm


16 wells , Round

well area

0.4 cm2

Description générale

CS16 - CultureWell with Removable Chambered Coverglass - ideal for cell culture and fluorescence imaging applications

The 2 x 8, 16 chambered coverglass is like a chambered slide with the imaging advantages of a removable coverglass substructure. It is designed with standard 96 well plate volumes and well spacing. The non-cytotoxic silicone well gasket forms a leak-proof seal between the polycarbonate upper structure and the coverglass. CultureWell chambered coverglass is shipped sterile and ready to use.

Coverglass removal is facilitated using a very simple device that reliably separates the parts without the need for excessive force or risk of cover glass breakage. Silicone removal leaves no residue. Components are manufactured and assembled with special orientation features for ease of handling and convenient identification or specimen location after well structure removal.

  • The growth surface is No. 1.5 German borosilicate coverglass
  • Inert, non-cytotoxic silicone permits complete edge-to-edge growth of cells
  • Well spacing allows use of multi-channel pipettes for ease and speed of handling
  • Cell growth characteristics are optimal due to the use of inert silicone materials and manufacturing process
  • Quality tested for non-leakage, cell growth and coverglass removal to ensure consistent performance
  • Silicone well gasket remains attached to coverglass after separation, allowing wells to be used as reagent reservoirs
  • Gasket well design is ideally suited for small volume incubations; in situ hybridization and immunostaining
  • Black well gasket reduces light scatter, enhancing fluorescence applications. The gasket can easily be removed from the coverglass for mounting

Key product dimensions include:
  • Coverslip gasket thickness is 0.5 mm
  • Interior diameter of each well is approximately 6 mm
  • Volume per gasket well (upper structure removed) is approximately 9 μL
  • Volume per well with the upper structure is 250 μL


Cell Culture
Fluorescence applications
In-situ hybridization
Small volume incubation

Informations légales

Culturewell is a trademark of Grace Bio-Labs, Inc.

Certificat d'analyse

Certificat d'origine

Yohei Katoh et al.
Molecular biology of the cell, 31(20), 2195-2206 (2020-07-30)
Primary cilia are microtubule-based protrusions from the cell surface that are approximately 0.3 µm in diameter and 3 µm in length. Because size approximates the optical diffraction limit, ciliary structures at the subdiffraction level can be observed only by using...
Kyeongbae Min et al.
Methods (San Diego, Calif.), 174, 3-10 (2019-07-22)
Super-resolution microscopy techniques have been widely adopted in biological sciences. Recently, a new super-resolution microscopy technique, called expansion microscopy (ExM) has been developed. In this technique, biomolecules inside specimens are first labeled with fluorophores, followed by in-situ hydrogel synthesis and...

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