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Grace Bio-Labs HybriWell sealing system, SecureSeal adhesive chamber

chamber volume 18 μL, size diam. × thickness 13 mm × 0.15 mm, ports diam. 1.5 mm






Grace Bio-Labs 611101

Volume de la chambre

18 μL

Diam. des ports

1.5 mm

Taille, diam. × épaisseur

13 mm × 0.15 mm



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Description générale

Grace Bio-Labs HybriWell sealing system seals securely to a microscope slide surface in seconds to accommodate waterbath hybridizations, such as protein or nucleic acid hybridization assays.

  • Encloses a single or multiple specimens in a small reagent volume and eliminate evaporation
  • Access ports in the chamber surface allow for the addition or removal of reactants
  • Ports are easily sealed using adhesive seal tabs provided with each order
  • Sealed chambers are watertight and ideally suited for waterbath incubations
  • RNase free, hydrophobic surfaces will not trap or bind probes
  • Disposable chamber removes cleanly and easily even after heating
  • Each package includes illustrated instructions for use, applicator and 200 adhesive port seals

Informations légales

HybriWell is a trademark of Grace Bio-Labs, Inc.
SecureSeal is a trademark of Grace Bio-Labs, Inc.

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