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SynTox 3D toxicology model chip- Barrier type: Slits, Slit width: 2 μm, Distance between slits: 50 μm, Travel/barrier width: 50 μm, Outer Channel width: 200 μm, Device depth: 100 μm. This chip is used to create the SynTox model in monoculture, co or tri-culture configurations.

SynTox is the only commercially available 3D toxicology model with real-time optical monitoring and multi-compartment, multi-cellular architecture and low reagent requirements. Other benefits of this platform are:

  • Physiologically realistic morphological, fluidic and 3D cellular conditions
  • Universal platform with architecture specific of desired organ
  • Significant reduction in cost and time
  • Robust and easy to use protocols
  • Compatible with standard analytical instruments for both on chip and off chip assays including omic methodologies for systems biology and bioinformatic analysis


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