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10 - IMN2 SynBBB 3 μm slit barrier chips, 100 ft Tygon Tubing, 25 pack - Slide Clamps, 50 pack - 1 mL Syringe with Luer-Lok Tip, 50 pack - 24 Gauge Needle x 0.5 in long, SynVivo Pneumatic Primer, 2 - Five Stopcock Manifold 4-Way all FLL

SynVivo′s SynBBB 3D blood brain barrier model recreates the in vivo microenvironment by emulating a histological slice of brain tissue cells in communication with endothelial cells across the blood brain barrier (BBB). Shear-induced endothelial cell tight junctions, which cannot be achieved in the Transwell model, are easily achieved in the SynBBB model using physiological fluid flow. Formation of tight changes can be measured using biochemical or electrical analysis (assessing changes in electrical resistance) with the SynVivo Cell Impedance Analyzer. Interactions between brain tissue cells and endothelial cells are readily visualized in the SynBBB assay. Transwell models do not allow real-time visualization of these cellular interactions, which are critical for understanding of the BBB microenvironment.

SynBBB is the only in vitro BBB model that allows:
  • Accurate in vivo hemodynamic shear stress
  • Real-time visualization of cellular and barrier functionality
  • Significant reduction in cost and time
  • Robust and easy to use protocols

The SynBBB system is a highly versatile platform for investigation of:
  • Tight junction proteins: Determine the levels of tight junction proteins namely zonula occludens, claudins and occludins which regulate the BBB.
  • Transporter proteins: Analyze functionality of transporter proteins (e.g. Pgp) in normal and dysfunctional BBB.
  • Drug permeability: Evaluate real-time permeability of therapeutics and small molecules across the endothelium of the BBB.
  • Inflammation: Understand the underlying mechanisms of inflammatory responses on the regulation of the BBB.
  • Cell migration: Visualize and quantify in real-time migration of immune cells across the BBB.
  • Omic changes: Perform genomic, proteomic and metabolic analysis on normal and dysfunctional BBB.
  • Neurotoxicity: Analyze toxicity effects of chemical, biological and physical agents on the cells of the BBB.
Neuro-oncology: Investigate effects of the tumor cells on the BBB


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