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10 - IMN2 SynTumor 8 μm gap, 8 μm height pillar barrier chips, 100 ft Tygon Tubing, 25 pack - Slide Clamps, 50 pack - 1 mL Syringe with Luer-Lok Tip, 50 pack - 24 Gauge Needle x 0.5 in long

SynTumor is a 3D tissue model for real-time visualization and quantitative assessment of cell-cell and cell-drug interactions in a physiologically and morphologically realistic tumor microenvironment. The system enables (a) circulation in the microvasculature, (b) transport across the vessel walls, and (c) delivery to the tumors. Starting with scans of vascular networks incorporated with interstitial and tissue/tumor spaces, the SynTumor 3D tissue model creates an in-vitro tumor microenvironment akin to a viable histological slice.

The SynTumor 3D Cancer model has the following benefits:

  • Side by side architecture enables quantitative real time visualization
  • Physiological leaky vasculature with engineered porous structures
  • Morphologically realistic in vivo based architecture
  • Physiologically realistic convective and diffusive transport
Microfluidic platform with ultra-low consumable volumes


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