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10 - IMN2-LC 3 μm slit barrier chips, 100 ft Tygon Tubing, 25 pack - Slide Clamps, 50 pack - 1 mL Syringe with Luer-Lok Tip, 50 pack - 24 Gauge Needle x 0.5 in long, SynVivo Pneumatic Primer, 2 - Five Stopcock Manifold 4-Way all FLL

SynVivo has developed a novel Air Liquid Interface (ALI) model mimicking the lung architecture. The device comprises of a plastic, disposable and optically clear microfluidic chip functionalized with epithelial cells surrounded by vasculature comprised of endothelial cells. This structure maintains an Air Liquid Interface across the airway cells, allowing the formation of airways tubules that transport mucus and are maintained by the surrounding epithelium. Cell morphology, airway structure, cell-cell interactions and functions of the airway (e.g. mucus transport, ciliary beating, therapeutic-induced improvements) can be visualized and quantified in real-time in both normal and diseased conditions.

Unique Features include:

  • Morphologically realistic airway structure and environment
  • Air Liquid Interface (ALI) across the epithelium and endothelium
in vivo hemodynamic shear stress
  • Real-time visualization of cellular and barrier functionality including mucus, ciliary beating, immune cell interactions and therapeutic screening
  • Robust and easy to use protocols
  • Available as chips and starter kits or for services based screening


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